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  by vector_one75
I have seen a postcard of these coaches, but are there any plans (elevation, ends, underside, roof, seating floorplan etc) available anywhere for these cars, to allow modelling? I have also seen a set of decals for one such car, but without a model one cannot really do justice for a decal!

I understand that these cars must be the more "downmarket" streamlined cars as few (if any) other Budd corrugated stainless steel stramlined cars had no air conditioning like these. Considering their very interesting nature, I'm surprised that other passenger car enthusiasts are not beating down the doors for manufacterers to produce them?

Vytautas B. Radzvanas
Perth, Western Australia
  by Scaro

The Krause and Crist book reports that these coaches were sold to Saudi Arabia, and I think this happened around 1960. That is probably why no-one is modelling them - they vanished from the scene very early.

I would not envy anyone riding them in Saudi Arabia if they had no air-con.

I would be interested in seeing plans for them and the ex-B&A coaches also. It also seems to be the case that the NYS&W may have sold the coaches too early, there is at least one shot of an RS1 hauling two Erie Stillwells in 1962, which I assume were leased.


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