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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by dlandk
After filling out an online application for Conductor at Norfolk Southern, I have been invited to the next step in their recruiting process. Can anyone tell me what the tests are like that I will have to take before being interviewed? Some people say it's all paragraph comprehension, others say there is math too. Does anyone know for sure so I can prepare?

  by Dewoc19
theres not really a way to prepare for the "test" they give you, its gonna be a lot of reading and answering questions..... some math involved and a lot of questions geared towards safety!!!

whatever sounds like the most safe answer to those safety questions, go with that answer, remember NS cares about safety more than anything so if you dont answer those questions properly YOU WILL NOT GET THE JOB!!!
  by THX 1138
If you have ever taken the Career Readiness Certification test, that is similar and much harder than the math an reading on the NS Conductor test. If you go to the Target, Lowes or similar job boards, the personality tests are almost the same.

From what I read here, if it is safety related, answer "extremely" in the direction of safety and it makes good sense.

I would like to know from the people who have been around for a while how to answer on the multitasking questions. My hindsight thinks I should have answered that I don't like being interrupted and that I don't multitask. Answered the opposite when I tested.
  by Barreling
The NS conductor test contained the following categories:
1) Reading: basically, reading comprehension. It's one thing to simply read words, but another to be able to infer what they mean altogether. There were three reading samples in my booklet with three or four questions per sample.
2) Mechanical: basically, mathematics (shop arithmetic, pre-algebra, & algebra) & mechanical reasoning. Math examples in my booklet included: multiplying & dividing decimals, adding & subtracting fractions (e.g., halves, quarters, eighths, & sixteenths found on a basic ruler), & two-step equations (no inequalities). Mechanical reasoning examples in my booklet included levers, pivots, & gears.
3) Facts: basically, verbal & deductive reasoning. A sample contains five to seven facts (in bulleted sentence format) and three to five questions per sample. My booklet contained three of these.
4) Personality/Behavioral Assessment: self-explanatory. Topics covered in my booklet: safety, interrelationships, & multitasking. This category was by far the biggest with safety the biggest topic.