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  by CLamb
What was the common track usage at Newark Penn Station before the CNJ came in with the Aldene Plan? What was track B used for? Did steam ever appear in the station?
  by ExCon90
I don't know for sure what Track 5 was used for before the Aldene Plan, but steam was seen in the station twice daily (except Sat., Sun. & Hol.) until the end of steam on the New York & Long Branch. There was one train a day (known as the Broker, although I'm not sure whether it was ever identified as such in the public timetables) from Bay Head to Exchange Place in the morning and back in the afternoon -- I believe it was the only train on the NY&LB up to that time that didn't have to change power at South Amboy or Rahway. After the end of steam on the NYLB it was pulled by sharknoses, at least for a while.
  by njmidland
This seems to be in the wrong forum but while it is here does anyone know what track in Newark Penn Station the Lehigh Valley's trains used? How about in Penn Station, New York?
  by Andyt293
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