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  by D.S. Lewith
With REM having taken over the existing Mount Royal Tunnel, Gare Centrale will be reduced to a stub end station for Via Rail and Exo. This impedes Via Rail's plans for the Montreal-Quebec City segment of their High Frequency Corridor as it would have used the Mount Royal Tunnel. However, Via Rail, in tandem with Exo, can construct a new Mount Royal Tunnel, this time connecting to the existing Saint-Jérôme line at Parc station. Like the Mount Royal Tunnel (historically), it would be at 25 kV 60 Hz AC but it would have a taller clearance gauge of 6 meters (around 19 feet), so as to enable the use of high-level rolling stock like Stadler KISS trains and Bombardier Bi-Level cars. While this would help with Via Rail's plans for the HFC, it would be also the start for Exo to transition to a through-running RER-style service to compliment REM (this also includes rebuilding Gare Centrale to a Spanish Solution configuration).

Upon completion of Exo RER, it would be organized in four lines
* Via Rail Corridor: Combines the Vaudreuil–Hudson line and new Mascouche line. It also includes a new branch line to Coteau.
* North-South Corridor: Combines the Candiac line with the old Mascouche line. The existing Candiac line will be extended to Sain-Jean-Sur-Richelieu and Iberville, and it includes a branch to Coteau (connecting with the Via Rail Corridor line), which in turn includes a branch to Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
* East-West Corridor: Combines two new lines: the Aéroport-Mirabel line and the Marieville line. The Aéroport-Mirabel line branches off from the Saint-Jérôme past Sainte-Thérèse, connecting to a station underneath Mirabel Airport. REM's Deux-Montagnes line will also be extended to Mirabel Airport. The Marieville line serves the cities of Chambly and Marieville, and it reactivates a disused rail line. The line also has a branch that goes to Candiac
* Northern Corridor: Combines the Saint-Jérôme and the Mont-Saint-Hilaire line. The Mont-Saint-Hilaire line will be extended to Saint-Hyacinthe, and will have a new branch serving Verchères.

This through-running, however, would come at the expense of the Lucien-L'allier station. However, the approaching tracks can be remade into HSR tracks for a new station right underneath Gare Centrale. There's enough underground space so as not to conflict with the metro trains
  by Tadman
My head spins when I think of all they're doing in Montreal just to get to where they were a few years ago.