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General discussion related to all railroad clubs, museums, tourist and scenic lines. Generally this covers museums with static displays, museums that operate excursions, scenic lines that have museums, and so on. Check out the Tourist Railway Association (TRAIN) for more information.

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  by chuchubob
I went to New Hope last Saturday for the New Hope & Ivyland's third consecutive annual in-the-rain Railfan Weekend. The atmosphere was better for photography on Sunday, but I had other obligations.

I took the obligatory photos of the GP30...

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 4854rAOzKu

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 4930MtrnCC

...before the first steam train moved into position.

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 5020VtRSQu

The 9:30 train, with 1925 Baldwin Consolidation #40, had nine paying passengers. Fortunately, I had my umbrella, because as soon as we alighted from the train for the runby, the rain came down!

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 5093ZROgTM

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 5187IaNyJV

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 5295lhRzGK

We went as far as Wycomb, where the power ran around the train for the return to New Hope...

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 5524WOGPat

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 5630ZijphF

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 5714UoVTyr

...where the tender was watered in a downpour.

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 5775BapdIo

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 5857BFRXdA

I photographed the engine

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 9608EwPvYJ

and the station,

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 9691tLUZOH

ate lunch near by, and photographed the second steam train departure.

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 9833tstkTz

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 9957uhQAGi

This train had a substantial load of passengers. It met the returning diesel train at Lahaska.

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 0093pUsHPQ

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 0190PqvvGA

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 0267KmpusG

The train ran through Buckingham Valley before I arrived; it was running at a brisk pace.

The second steam train had two runbys at Wycomb.

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 0390GaTTox

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 0569nvvGJZ

http://community.webshots.com/photo/328 ... 1615rjLWLa

The power then ran around the train for the return to New Hope, and I called it a day, as my "other obligations" mentioned above began on Saturday afternoon.

The photographs would have looked much better had the day been sunny, but riding and seeing the train are enjoyable even in the rain.

  by Miketherailfan
As of Halloween, 2198 has returned to service after getting it's traction motors replaced. http://forums.railfan.net/forums.cgi?bo ... 1056578818
  by limejuice
2198 isn't back in service yet. The radiator on the engineer side needed extensive repairs. After that's finished, all that'll be needed is a quick inspection. Should be running before the end of January.
  by chuchubob

  by Christian S.
I was up at the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad on June 25 and enjoyed every moment of my visit. My only gripe? $2.75 each for a soft drink. Anyway, the crew was friendly, the ride was fantastic, and best of all we got to chase the train from crossing to crossing (thanks goes out to Joe Fusco )! We rode the 1:00 p.m. train and chased the 2:00 run. Enjoy the photos!

  by steemtrayn
chuchubob wrote:
The photographs would have looked much better had the day been sunny, but riding and seeing the train are enjoyable even in the rain.

I prefer the rainy day pictures. No harsh shadows to obscure the details.

Great pics, Bob
  by JJMDiMunno
Hello guys,
The only good thing about getting dragged along on an all-day shopping extravaganza (all day yawn session for some of us) is if there just happens to be a railroad down the street. This dosen't always happen for all of us, I know...but it worked out OK for me on December 11th...here's a summary of my day's worth of shooting on the New Hope and Ivyland:

Although the shopping day began at 8:00AM for our "group", I wasn't "released" until 12-noon...at which time I decended upon the NHIRR. Something around a foot of snow awaited me also...a nice surprise, since I forgot that areas north and west of the city had actually received significantly more snowfall from the most recent snowstorm than we had down in South Jersey. I started out with an overview of the New Hope station area, where NHIRR 40 was preparing to depart with the 12:30PM train to Lahaska:

http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/NewHo ... erview.jpg

Next, I proceeded to what is probably the most photographed spot on this railroad, but quite as often in the snow I suppose...so it's a little different. This MIGHT end up as next year's Christmas card. This shot as train 40 south approaches Mechanic Street:

http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/NewHo ... Bridge.jpg

Next up, train 40 south approaches the end of it's run at Lahaska. This was a true challenge, as the train interceptor is not 4-wheel drive, and I had already watched a car struggle (and need to be pushed) out of the parking lot at Lahaska as I pulled in. I ignored the fact that the car required assistance and parked there anyway. I intercepted the train all-right...but it took me 10 minutes and 5 runs up the hill to get out of the lot. Best part is, I did it 3 more times that day:

http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/NewHo ... ahaska.jpg

On another run, #40 works at Lahaska (AKA the North Pole, according to the sign posted on the shelter on this day, compliments of their Santa trains). This was actually the first interception I had done there at Lahaska, and I was just about to struggle out of the parking lot for the first of 3 times:

http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/NewHo ... around.jpg

On the return trip to New Hope from Lahaska, train 40 north approaches Mechanic Street again, but this time from the other direction. I'm in love with that house both location-wise and photogenically, and living there would be wonderful...if the engine faced the other direction on this leg of the run, that would make my day in the photography world, but this reversing shot is a perfect example of short line railroading:

http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/NewHo ... Bridge.jpg

On yet another run, train 40 south rounds the curve at Reeder. There is a TSR in effect somewhere around here, might have been just north of here...I can't be sure. The sounds from the exhaust here were wonderful, and would be a video-shooter's dream. Anyway, here they are approaching Reeder Road:

http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/NewHo ... Reeder.jpg

Next up, we see train 40 north reversing into New Hope station. This is the last regularly scheduled train of the day, as the Santa night-time specials will start at 5:30PM:

http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/NewHo ... everse.jpg

A single night photograph provided here...of NHIRR #40 and the North Pole Express (10 cars? I didn't count) waiting to depart from New Hope. This was tough because of the number of people around, and the 15-second exposure time. Flash assistance from the Vivitar, right before I managed to kill it somehow. Should have asked the crew to dim the headlight for me, but I wasn't thinking about that at the time. Worked out fairly well considering. Exposure was at 1/15, F8, ISO 100:

http://www.sjrail.com/DailyPhotos/NewHo ... _Night.jpg

Special thanks to the guys on the NHIRR for doing a great job of running a railroad...I don't get up there too often, but when I do, I always have a great time.

That's all for now guys. Take care.

Mike DiMunno
www.SJRail.com: All about South Jersey Railroads!

  by silverliner266
Nice pics JJMDiMunno. Does any one know how far along the 4-8-4 3028 is or about when it will be done and what will enter the shops next?

  by chuchubob

  by silverliner266
Nny news on the status of project loco 3028, or the LNE cabbose the track project or the recently sold locos UP 541 and CSX ????.

  by NHI
3028 moved out of shop to make room for palour car 1430. UP 531 (ex UP 2538) and CSX 7067 are both off of property.

  by silverliner266
does this mean that work on 3028 is on hold?