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  by 3rdavenueEL
Over on another site, which I won't mention, the people there would rather insult "outsiders" when they ask questions. Since I am not a transit employee in NYC, certain subjects are deined access to me. I have been on the site for over 10 years. It does not matter. I merely pose these questions? What is the reason the "D" type museum cars are not repaired? Is it impossible because it is just too big a job? Is it money? If so, why doesn't the money come from the usual sources? Well, that's it. A conversation was initiated regarding the Toronto Rocket articluated cars and the hints and rumors that similar cars would return to NY. Any information on this subject would be highly appreciated.
  by Backshophoss
As I remember it, all the cars can roll on their own wheels at the TA Museum,but there might be a parts or structure problem
along with the time needed to do the repair at the shop that keeps the running museum cars up.
Along with the "shoestring" budget,you wind up making a choise on what can be restored to operating condition.
At least a "D" type was saved and is displayed at a safe location :-)
Before the TA Museum existed,most of the Museum fleet was"buried" in nooks and forgotten trackage across the system.
Every operating Museum has to make this tough choise on what operates or gets a cosmetic restoration.
If the TTC(Toronto) is able to get their car back to running condition at a reasonable cost,that might be the "guide"
to restoring the "D" type.
  by 3rdavenueEL
Thank you for the information. It's just too bad more moeny can't be allotted to things like that musuem. I hear that the MTA hates running museum trains in revenue service. maybe if they did, they could collect money just to be used for them some way, to keep them viable.
  by BobLI
We all owe a big thank you to the employees who had the foresight to "hide" the old cars before they were scrapped. I'm sure there are many stories about how they were saved. Please share those stories if you have them.