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  by el37

I took and passed the MTA Track Worker exam last April. I was wondering if anyone knows if they have yet to established a list, and if they have done so are they now calling people from it.

  by jgbond007
I am pretty sure they established the list for the the TrackWorker exam but I have not heard anything from them. This is not a surprise to me thought because I took the Motorman exam in Oct 2003 and still have not received a call about that either, and i think my list # 537 is pretty good considering.

  by Pelham
Any list Number below 1000 is great. When they call you its just a letter in the mail telling you to report to 180 Livingston Street at 7:30AM in Downtown Brooklyn. You you get there is looks like the DMV.
You will be getting called for T/O by Summer. They have just completed our Promotional list.

  by DogBert
Anyone have any idea if or when they might call anyone from that exam? I got list # 607 and haven't heard a peep... It's been what, a year .5 now? I realize it sometimes takes 2, 3, 4 years to ever heard from them, but man, I haven't heard a peep about this one...

I always wonder a little what I'd do if i got the call... (most likely take it)
  by laborer
if your talking about exam # 5016 my list # is 40 and i was called in july. i was delayed by medical hold, and than i had a military obligation, but i finally start 17 dec 07.
  by marsui
Is there something you need to do to prepare for the exam? Or is it basically just general/common sense type stuff?