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  by jringreatwhitenorth
i would like to know how many locomotives the Mississippi Tennessee Railroad, formerly Mississippi Tennessee Railnet has, what customers it serves and what commodities hauls.

  by ACLfan2
The Mississippi & Tennessee RR has 4 locomotives:

101 1,750 hp GM-EMD GP9

1084 1,850 hp GM-EMD / IC Paducah Rebuild GP10
8298 " " " " " " " "

2016 1,500 hp GM-EMD GP7

The rail line presently extends between a northern-end connection with the NS near Middleton, TN (located approximately 5 miles N of the MS/TN state line), and a south end of line at Houston, MS.

Besides the NS connection at the northern end of the line, an interchange with the BNSF is at New Albany, MS. The line's headquarters and yard are also located at New Albany, MS.

Known commodities include pulpwood, particleboard, lumber, fertilizer and agricultural chemicals, cotton and cotton seed products, soybeans and related products, and brick. [This is not a complete listing!]

Hope this helps!

  by csxt123
I've heard that the line south of New albany and the line north of Ripley are out of service and in the process of being abandoned. Leaving only the short stretch from new albany to Ripley in service. I passed this area around the first of the year. Nothing was running, but BNSF crews were working on bridge repairs. Ther was one locomotive parked at Blue Mountain, with the rest at the New Albany shop tracks.
  by LMT223
This track no longer connects to NS in Middleton, Tn. The track has been abandoned and removed.