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  • Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.
Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.

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  by SnoozerZ49
Just wondering if anyone knows of any surviving MEC cabooses that are available for sale and still in Maine? I am interested in tracking down any home built buggies that may still be out there. In particular MEC scratch built some from old box cars that they used on some locals. Any help would be appreciated.
  by wolfmom69
:( I go by one of these boxcar-cabooses every day. It is alongside Rt.115,just west of the Yarmouth town line,in North Yarmouth-BUT-Dont think its for sale. It was one of the 2 that Portland Terminal Co.(a MEC/BM owned switching line)built in the early 1960s. No cupola,just a place rear end crew could ride,stay warm. The caboose now serves as an "ice cream stand" called "Toots" BUT I doubt if you could buy it. Cant recall what happened to the other "homebuilt caboose". Did see this past Saturday,one of the short,BM cabooses,steel,built in 1960,that had no cupola also,for sale,I think,alongside Rt. 26 in West Paris. There are a "few" cabooses here in Southern Maine serving as "lawn ornaments"-seriously! Youd have to know the "Rural Maine Culture" to understand this!! Bud

  by NellsChoo
There was one on the property at Canaan Station in CT. But as of a few weeks ago, it was being sandblasted. This is how it looked before when there was a FOR SALE sign on it


This is how it looked a few weeks ago


  by SnoozerZ49
Thanks for the help. Are you far from West Paris? I am familiar with the B&M local buggies and would check into it. If f you go by there agan could you see if there is a phone number on it?


  by NellsChoo
I actually live near Boston! We go to Lime Rock Park to watch the races now and then. There had been a sign with a phone number regarding the sale of the cabeese, but I didn't see it this last time. I did take a photo of the sign with the #. If you remind me I can email it to you.

  by Trains
Are they going to repaint that caboose with original MEC colors? I certainly hope so.

  by SnoozerZ49
Hi Nells Choo

any help wuld be appreciated. I live down around WOrcester, MA and don't mind traveling but W. Paris is a bit of a hike to take without having spoken to somebody first.

Thanks to all.

  by NellsChoo
OK! Here is the phone number that used to be on the cabooses for sale in Canaan CT:


  by sandpvrr
Hello All,
It's not a caboose, but it is a MEC built or rebuilt (I think) camp car. It's for sale, currently located on private rail in City Point in Belfast. Has a for sale sign on it, but I don't know what they want for it. I can go get the phone number off of it, if requested. I do know that it is fully furnished, and should be functional as a camp car. I believe it has a caboose stove.
Hope this helps!
cya, Joey
  by gawlikfj
I think the Danbury Railroad Muesum in Danbury CT. has two MEC cabooses in their railyard.
I believe their site is " DRM.org "