• MBTA 3444 to Seashore?

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General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.

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  by Frank Hicks
I had heard a while back that MBTA LRV 3444 was being held by the T for preservation at Seashore, but yesterday a post on an online discussion group claimed that Seashore has decided against acquiring 3444. Can anyone confirm or deny? Also, if Seashore isn't getting 3444, are they planning on getting another LRV or are they going to skip this generation of Boston cars?

Frank Hicks

  by aline1969
As a trustee I have heard no comments at any board meeting about a Boston LRV. I have spoken with Danny Cohen in the past and he has pretty much decided to can 3444 (un-modified car) and wait for an Boeing that gets retired near the end. 3444 does not run, he wants a car that runs. Bennett yard is slowly getting built this year and will continue next year, Coney Island fund raising has started. We need more track before any more cars can really come here. I'm not anti-modern cars, just to little people who car about the collection. Right now I running around with my head cut off trying to figure ways to patch and repair existing car barns. We did install a new roof on 1/2 of old Shop 1 that houses the Boston Parlor car and the horse drawn open car, 713 Johnstown coach.
We also staked out the trackless extension and started to build bracket arms for the route.

  by aline1969
Well the Boeings are running low now in Boston. I would love to get the one painted in old BERY colors... I saw for first time in July... sweet looking. Now that I'm off the board not sure what rumors have about STM getting a modified car.

  by CRail
I am killing myself to get one of these things saved but im spinning my tires with no help from others. I can't do this myself, and no one else seems to want to put the effort in to help me, everyone says they will, but Ive been getting extremely little follow through. If you would like to see one saved, you may contact me via PM AIM or EMAIL just by clicking the links below, and I will let you know how you can help. Without the support from others this topic is dead in the water.

  by CRail
For those of you not active at the MBTA board... 3444 was scrapped a couple of years ago. 3424 is now owned by the Seashore Trolley Museum and will be shipped in two pieces, probably next summer.
  by aline1969
Its next summer.. where is the car? :wink: please build some track!!! I don't mind the car...but track is needed so new cars don't interfear with getting cars moved so we can get at others such as EM 7005 & M&B 41 :-D
  by octr202
So, what do we need to do to build the track? ;)
  by Gerry6309
324 is like any similar museum acquisition project. All it takes is money. When the funds are in place the car will move.
  by aline1969
wow... this thread was never updated. 3424 is in Maine and it came in one piece. :)