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  • General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.
General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.

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  by bellstbarn
The national Electric Railroaders' Association and the volunteer staff of its magazine "Headlights" have been doing a magnificent job while trying to catch up with the production of issues. Today, March 9, 2010, a 74-page issue of Headlights arrived, dated July-December 2005.
It is a wondrous collection of photos and commentary assembled by Edward Ridolph and staff, under the title "Rails to Rubber to Rails Again." In the 1950's, I would never have thought that I would ride fast "trolley" lines in Bayonne, San Diego, or Sacramento. Many of the old photos are in color, including the cover showing a PCC about to cross double-tracked Baltimore & Ohio at the McKeesport station. And the next page has the LVT!
Cities included are: Lincoln, Omaha, Atlantic City, PSCT, Albany, Buffalo, New York, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and many more, including 21st-Century photos where now running. I think an earlier issue of Headlights had other cities.
Many thanks to the photographers, writers, and editors for a superb job!
Joe McMahon
  by bellstbarn
Hello, Otto!
The editors for the national E.R.A. are trying valiantly to catch up with their production dates, but they are not doing it on the cheap. They could have printed two-page magazines with the intervening dates. However, they chose to produce praiseworthy issues of considerable value. -----
Many thanks for your work on railroad.net
  by Headlights
I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying our rail publication and would like to apologize for our silly cover dates. The next issue of Headlights should start arriving during the second week of February 2011. It's part three of Ed Ridolph's amazing Rails to Rubber to Rails Again series, covering Rhode Island to Wisconsin. My associate editors, John Pappas and Ray Berger, and I worked the better part of 2010 making sure it would be one of the best issues of Headlights ever published. But here's the biggest news: at the last minute, while the issue was at the printer, our board of directors agreed to allow us to change the cover date to 2010 to reflect the timeliness of the news inside. Part four, when it is published later this year, will be dated 2011. I invite you all to download our latest preview PDF on ERA Online.

Sandy Campbell, Editor and Art Director