• MAERSK 3329 SD40-2

  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by ItaliDe
Hi! Is this unit still out on the rails anywhere? Does anyone track or follow it? I saw it thru Columbus Ohio in 2003. never saw it again.
  by mu26aeh
IIRC, this unit was involved in an accident and received minor damage. While at the shops, it was repainted into standard NS paint. Sorry
  by ItaliDe
thats lame! I hate NS as it is.... Legitimately.
  by gp80mac
Dude... get a grip. I don't get how you can "hate" a company for painting one of their engines. The Maersk was just a special paint job for a one-time event. Looked pretty ratty soon after anyhow.

A little reality check.
  by ItaliDe
Oh, now thats not the big deal. Ok here it is. And not to knock any NS fans but. What happened with me is. I use to love NS. I have been watching trains since the 1970's. Back in the 80's and 90's NS was great. I use to watch them thru Atlanta GA and Columbus OH. Nice mixed freights with about 4 to 5 Highhood GP38,40,49 and 50's.. maybe a few dash 7 highoods as well.. They were great!!. Something happened to them in recent years. Now every train I see has only 2 units on it and it's usually a dash 9 . Even around Horseshoe curve I find myself yawning as trains are short and still, only 2 units on the front. Most times no helpers on the rear. I mean Conrail use to Rock HSC. Comparing NS today to the other railroads... at least we still see a variety of units on CSX and BNSF.. UP is a bit boring for me. but... Well, all I'm saying is, I use to be a NS fan but in recent years they have become just so boring to railfan. I was hoping to catch that MAERSK unit again as it's something cool to watch for out on the rails. And for those of you who are new railfans and may not know railroding in the 80's I am sorry.. You missed one hell of a good time track side! :-D So thats all.. again, I know there are NS fans out there that will want to yell at me right now.. I'm not putting anyone down... i just wish NS was the way they use to be.. I loved those Highhoods. Im not big on change I guess.. Oh! They use to run remote control slave units and I don't think they do that anymore either.... Between me you and the keyboards... I am a huge Chessie, SOO line and Pan Am railfan... Pan Am is the best today as they still run all that awesome power from the 80's :P I am not green! I am not fuel efficient! I am a good old rail fan who likes it smokey and loud!!! I'd take a GP40/SD40 lash-up over any wide cab any hour of the week! :-D Ok I said enough.... happy rails all!
  by gp80mac
That's because those 2 Gevo or dash-9s can out-pull those piece of junk high hoods and old GEs. There's a reason those old engines are being turned into razor blades. Also why they don't need the slave units. And they always have the option of DPU if they want it... Now the sD40-2s are good pullers, I'll give you that - but ever try to switch a train on a grade with nothing but a bunch of 4 axles? Pure misery. I had a high-hood GP38 that put rail grinders to shame.

But look at it this way: How many high short hoods does UP roster? I think current count is ZERO. BNSF had a some hi-hooded SD9s up in the PNW area, but are they even active anymore? NS still has a fleet of high short hoods, GP59s, B32-8s, end cab switchers and they are rebuilding SD50s and 60, along with the gp38s. So standard cabs will be around for a long time. They probably have a more diverse mix of power than anyone else.

Don't worry about Pan Am/Guilford or whatever they call themselves this week. Once NS takes it all over, you'll get plenty of black dash-9s up there as well. Send their old stuff to the scrappers.
  by ItaliDe
haha! i liked your reply... Razor Blades.. :P
I worked for Conrail for a little while before moving out west and did something else.. But anyway.. for a 10 hour gig , sure, those dash 9's are comfortable..actually the newest I was in was a C40-8W but... From a railfan and fun perspective... 2 units on a train in "whisper" mode is no where near as fun as hearing and seeing 5 or 7 2nd generation units balls out on notch 8 shaking your body inside from wide open exaust... and those old dash 7's would shoot flame balls out of the exaust stack!! loved it.. it was fun!!!

So from both sides of the coin... yea, for crews working.. I see your partialness to new units.. Although, I did not mind the db level of a wide open GP38 on a grade... if it got too much I just wore hearing protection.

But track side.. The louder, smokier and more units... the better the experiance...

But east coast and mid west railroading is childs play!! when i lived out in California and railfanned all over the west.... Area's like Tehachapi, Mullen Pass, the rio grande lines over the Rockies!! that was the SH*T!!!! I have seen as many as 20 locomotives on trains full throttle going up 2.5 % grades!!! 6 up front, 7 mid train and 5 or so towards the rear.... Now that's balls out power!!! it will blow your mind!!!! All ya can do now is watch video's of it from pentrex because now adays with the Gevo's and dash 9's the most you'll see going over Tehachapi is 4 units up front and maybe 2 mid train, which by the way are lame remote control DPU!! Thats a whole other story how I am miffed over the fact that these railroads are so damn cheap now they fired 1000's of men so they can have remote control unmanned helpers!!! i cant wait till one of these fails and causes a severe incodent and it comes back that
well if a human was in the loop the train may not have derailed with 40 tank cars of clorine and napalm and leveled the whole town"... haha! a bit severe but the point is... I have a few friends who lost their careers with the railroad due to this aweful technology.... If I had my way as a railroad CEO i'd still run cabooses just for the fun of it...