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  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by ST214
I will be going down to NC later this month. I will be staying in Rocky Mount and coming back in early July via Spencer,NC. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Any advice anyone has other than what I am looking for that may be helpful will also be appreciated. My questions are....

Rocky Mount,NC area
Radio frequencies, approximate daily train count, what crossings in Rocky Mount are not part of the quiet zones.

Radio frequencies

Thanks in advance!
  by 10more years
All the CSX crossings on the north-south main line in Rocky Mount are in quiet zone. The CSX line that runs east towards Tarboro has no quiet zones. The crossing at the south end of Rocky Mount yard is not in a quiet zone. Rocky Mount has about 20-25 freight trains that come in and out from the norht and about 18-20 that run in and out from the south. There are ten Amtraks that come through daily. The town south of Rocky Mount (Sharpsburg) has two crossings and no quiet zones. Its about a mile from the south end of the yard. Battleboro, about seven miles north of Rocky Mount) has one crossing and no quiet zone.
  by ST214
Thanks. It looks like I will be doing most of my video in Brattleboro or Sharpsburg. How many trains go east to Tarboro?
  by 10more years
There's a local that runs out a little after 8 pm and back around 4 - 5 in am and another that comes in maybe around lunch time and out early after noon.
  by ac4400cw5106
The Tarboro line gets poor action it is a branchline that runs east then south and then southeast once it passes tarboro it runs east to plymouth but at Parmele, a small town in Martin County it has a WYE for the turn south to Greenville. Only 4 trains a day use this line except for Friday & Saturday only get 2 per day. A local from Lee Creek NC arrives from the east @ around noon or so the return back east heads back about an hour so later the ID for this train is F728 it terminates in Greenville and then heads east as F731. I've seen this train almost all my life and know how it can be, I know my time tables and the usual time it comes through, as I live 6 miles away from Tarboro however times vary I've heard him from my house & seen him in town @ around 11am the run back to rocky mount, 11am is time he usually comes through Tarboro. On sundays they run light power all the way to Rocky Mount. Now the return back east is a tough 1 I've seen that run on Saturdays @ around 1:30pm unless they're early but usually I hear him from my house in anger & frustration @ around 2pm but I have caught him @ around 4:30pm in town if he comes at that time then there's a chance of him being good sized but can be a train of only about 20 cars or so the morning run is often a long but sometimes will have around 30 cars but usually has more than 30 cars. Now for the other train, it is F738, it runs all the way to Plymouth, where the line terminates, it is called the "wood train". This train is very rare for me to catch but I have seen him but only a few times, I saw him when I used to be a kid but I had no idea what it was he used to run in the daytime back then but now at night,usually @ around 9:30pm. I have also heard him from my house in anger. There is a siding no more than 2000ft long west of Tarboro in a place called "Kingsboro". F738 will switch some cars that are in this siding. In Tarboro there is a plastic plant and has its own track for service, F738 will go here twice a week or so I heard from a friend,it also is very rare for me to see a train on that plastic line as I have never seen one down there. He comes back thru Tarboro @ around 4am on his way back. This train (according to a friends advice) is usually no more than 15 cars long. That is all of the action on the line east of Rocky Mount. Only 4 trains.
  by recon
Would anyone have a list of mileposts from florence to richmond? I used to have a list but i cant remember where i got them from