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  by The EGE
The only remaining image of the Pennsy MP54 multiple units was deleted today from Wikipedia, as the justification for non-free "fair use" was insufficient. I may be able to have the image undeleted, pending the outcome of a current discussion.

However, I'm looking to replace it with a free-use image of any MP54 units. Doesn't matter which model; I'll even (gladly) take a modern picture of one of the few remaining units. But, the image needs to fit one of two qualification:


a. It was taken on or before January 1st, 1923, which means that it's no longer eligible for copyright in the US


b. You took the picture yourself, and you're willing to release it under a free-use licence. That means that anyone can use it for any purpose, though certain restrictions apply. (Any reusers would be required to give attribution to you as the author and/or to release any modifications under a similar licence (which limits commercial use)).

If you've got such an image, or can direct me to one, please post here or PM me. I'd be much obliged. There's lots of MP54 images on the internet, but they're all copyrighted.