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  by Pensyfan19
Does anyone know what will happen to LIRR 511 which was involved in a crash at Speonk on 5/25/19 and is currently sitting at Morris Park?

Here is the most recent picture of it on rrpicturesarchives: http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=5213962
  by 452 Card
Looks like it has become a standing parts warehouse on #3 track. Shoe beams gone, intake grid cover gone, etc. Tape over the R/S cab door seems to be a deterrent for souvenir hunters. Still has the horns.
  by Teutobergerwald
Maybe it will become "424"????
  by Backshophoss
If the energy "cap" along with the main Alternator are damaged/shorted out,511 is now a'parts supply" only.
It wiil rust in place/peace.
  by Pensyfan19
What happened to 423, formerly known as 507? Did that unit go throught something similar to what 511 went through? If so, then why can't 511 be rebuilt and be turned into 424?
  by Backshophoss
Both the DM's and DE's no lomger supported by EMD/CAT,parts no longer made or exist, so any major failure will sideline the loco.
511 is now a parts bin,507 was a patched together loco parts wise,if the prime mover,main alternator,or the energy "cap" fail
507 is done and joins 511 on the deadline as a parts bin.
  by M1 9147
511 was involved in the Speonk derailment last year on Memorial Day weekend grounding it with substantial damage. I guess now if there was indeed engine damage and no parts could be supplied, then it’s a no go.
  by nyandw
3:16am Cannonball engine #511 sideswiped a LIRR MOW train, with a large fuel spill and derailment of both trains, during a passing maneuver.

The unofficial story is: the Cannonball and the eastbound were to perform a see-saw move at the Speonk passing siding. The Cannonball was 14 units long, the siding holds 13. After its Speonk stop, the Eastbound was given a highball signal and moved out catching the trailing locomotive of the Cannonball. Claims of new technology failures are being reported, (i.e. the new computerized signal system screwed up with the wrong aspect.)

The engineer of the Cannonball, not realizing his trailing unit was on the ground took HIS highball and dragged the sideways loco close to half a mile west, fouling the grade crossing before losing an air hose and going into emergency. Initial estimates of over one million dollars damage have been overheard!
  by Pensyfan19
Has any other de or dm gone to Altoona Juniata Shops other than 401? If so, then why can't 511 go there to be rebuilt? If they can rebuild NYAR 159 and NS 4001, then why not 511?
  by ConstanceR46
Because in like 5 years we'll be getting dual-mode chargers. The DE/DMs are an orphan fleet, i believe, and one where there's more than enough engines. - it's not worth it to fix 511 when the replacements are being drafted as we speak... In addition, this requires $$$ - altoona doesn't fix trains out of the goodness of their hearts.
  by RGlueck
Any idea of what the replacement locomotive will look like?
  by Uncle Cheapo
Pensyfan19 wrote: Sun Jan 19, 2020 9:36 pm Has any other de or dm gone to Altoona Juniata Shops other than 401? If so, then why can't 511 go there to be rebuilt? If they can rebuild NYAR 159 and NS 4001, then why not 511?
Altoona no longer overhauls other railroads engines. That is done and over with. They cut down on shop forces, only focus on rebuilding NS engines.
Besides the 159 rebuild was not a full overhaul, instead using the “nickel and dime” approach. Probably made it not worth it for NS in the first place.
155 is kind of stuck there till NS finishes its restructuring. Who knows maybe it will come back in 3000 black trash bags full of parts, to be reassembled somewhere else!
  by ConstanceR46
- RGlueck: Not yet, but that's another thread in itself. A proposed design is rumored (and this should be taken with the motherlode of salt) to be a bi-mode Siemens Charger.
  by Teutobergerwald
Cuomo will meddle, thus making everything more complicated and expensive.
  by RGlueck
I note 511 did not end up in a ditch.