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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by Anon1234
When I was a kid I got a dwi, it was an underage zero tolerance misdemeanor. I was expecting at some point in the process it would give you a form that allowed you to explain yourself and whatnot. However as I'm going through the background check web form there was no designated place to put that sort of information. So I submitted it without any mention of it. If I recall correctly it wasn't on the application either. So I dunno if I messed up and it's gonna bite me in the ass or what when this background check gets back. Should I email my hr contact with the mta? I did the background check on fri and I still haven't heard anything back.

Thank you for your time.
  by C-LINER 2001
You need to talk to a Labor Lawyer about this.
  by Kelly&Kelly
This would depend on the type of conviction you have. Was it a juvenile violation, for which you received an ACOD? Was the record sealed? Did you have it expunged? Were you convicted of a crime or a violation? You know the answers to these questions and you've read the questionnaire.

The New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) keeps your official arrest and conviction history called a rap sheet. Rap stands for “record of arrest and prosecution". It's a good idea to know what is contained in your file for future requests such as this. As with a credit report, you can dispute inaccurate entries and have these records corrected.

The MTA agencies' actions would depend on the information they uncover, the position (and department) for which you are being considered, and your racial identity.

The best you can do is answer any questions truthfully reflecting the record as it stands today. If you answered incorrectly (or dishonestly) they may or may not find the discrepancy. It may or may not affect your outcome.

I would not call anyone at this point.
  by eolesen
If you weren't asked about misdemeanors, don't volunteer it.

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  by Anon1234
Thank you
  by Kelly&Kelly
Want to tell us about the follow up? It might be helpful to others.
  by Anon1234
Hi so to follow up I was hired no problem. They do eventually ask about criminal record during the background check, it just takes a long time. For me it took about 2 weeks after initiating the background check for them to send me an email with another form regarding criminal history. Then another week or so to process it. The HR person I spoke to was very backed up with work, so this may not be the normal order of operations. There are alot of large projects finishing up now and they are in a hiring frenzy.

Anyway there was no conversation with anyone about it. The background check is farmed out to a third party for me it was truviewbsi. I dunno if thats the only one the use or not but anyhow they will look at your record and either approve you or not. The LIRR afaik doesn't even see it. They just see whether you passed the background check or not. Regardless gotta be honest because they will see whatever is there, and presumably lying would be bad.

So anyway had a dwi and some minor offenses as a kid, no issues 10 years later thank God.

Also it turns out that there is some recent legislation last couple years that let's you seal your record if it's been several years since the offense. I think 5. Anyway if you're worried just try to do that. It will take a while though so if you're applying for a job now do it asap.

Lemme know if you have any questions I'll check back and answer best I can!
  by Moe
How far back do they go in the background check? Is it ok to have misdemeanors? I had an interview for CAM position on the 29th of November and they got back to by email like 2-3 days later to fill out background check for employment and motor vehicle records? Had a few DWI’s. But my understanding is that no license is needed to get the position nor do they ask for one in job requirements. Appreciate it if someone could give me some more info. Thanks.
  by Moe
Does LIRR do criminal background check on CAM positions? Have only been asked for employment, education and NDR.