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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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[quote="pumpers"][quote="pumpers"]I'll take a shot. [quote="ricebrianrice"]
In Jim Thorpe, NS is on the East side of the river, and the RBM&N ( Lehigh Scenic Gorge Railway) is on the West side? [/quote]
yes on the west side. On the east, there are 2 tracks, I THINK one is NS and one is RBM&N. So RBM&N can get to the yard in Packerton (Lehighton?) just south of Jim Thorpe on their own, where they interchange with NS. (I am not 100% sure about RBM&N owning one of those 2 tracks - someone correct or confirm please.) [/quote]
I did some poking around. RBM&N does indeed own the old LV main track 1 from Packerton Yard (it's called Packerton yard, not Lehighton) up to CP independence (the easternmost of the 2 tracks, used for the former LV westbound direction). NS owns track 2, the west track (former eastbound direction) up to the same area (they call it M&H junction), where it then diverges to continue up to Ashmore and Hazelton (as the Ashmore Secondary). Track 1 was apparently out of service in the Conrail days and then eventually sold to RBM&N by Conrail.

And to get from the Jim THorpe branch (RBMN on west side of the river) to their Track 1 down in Packerton, you do have to use the NS Track 2 (the Jim Thorpe branch ties into Track 2 at Packerton Junction, just downriver from where Tracks 1 and 2 cross the river).

I remember in the 80s the #1 track was rusty and never maintained but then in the 90s when RBMN took it over it was shiny. The wayside target signals are still in place but they don't work, so I assume CR tore the wiring out.
The JCT where the line from JT connects to the former LV main is called "Packerton Jct" and the yard area is "Packerton Yard". The yard itself is split between two municipalities... the north part is in Mahoning the south part is in Lehighton the borderline is the unnamed one way street you pass just south of Jamestown St on Rt 209 (there is a white line painted across Rt 209 marking the muni border).