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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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The side sheets / firebox work will be done by our crew but won't be
accomplished until the steam dome patch is OK'd by the FRA allowing
us to then reinstall the brackets for the boiler braces, the braces
themselves and ultimately the backhead. We have been busy on the
tender and anyone that has seen it can attest to the tremendous job
done on that piece of the restoration. We will move back over to
the loco when the FRA says it is OK to move on. I don't know what
the FRA timetable is for finishing the inspection just yet. That is
being handled quite capably by our P.E., Joe Michaels.

A lot of frame work has been accomplished in the last month so we
will be ready to put her back on her own wheels when our driving
boxes come back from Linn Moedinger's shop at Strasburg. They are
doing that rebuild as well as the throttle work. We will be
machining a new dry pipe and hydro testing the superheater units in
the next 10 days or so. Everything will be ready when the FRA
says "go" to make real progess on the boiler.

While the locomotive itself does not look much different than it has
for a while, work has been accomplished on many of the component
parts - dynamo, power reversing unit - those sorts of things - so
that they can be installed very quickly after the boiler/firebox is
closed up.

We have some great interior pictures of this model diner and will be
restoring it to its "modernized" 1950s look inside. We are lucky to
have the original tables and many of the original chairs and lounge
pieces ready to go back inside. We also have some 1950s vintage
Pennsy passenger car carpet that has never been walked on, donated
to us by the Blair County Historical Society. It will be a superb
example of a D78 diner very soon. This particular diner spent time
as a member of the "Red Arrow" trainset.


Scott Cessna