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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by jrmay
Just wanted to add that this was an outstanding article on the Beach Train. I especially enjoyed the pictures of it later in its life.

At this point, the one complete locomotive is in my garage here in Wall with the remaining 4 cars down in south Jersey for temporary storage. The frame and body for the second locomotive are also down there. The plan is to consolidate the equipment in Wall very shortly.

I have been able to obtain brand new wheels for the locomotive and seem to have identified a source for wheels for the cars. These finds were key as the wheels were all shot.

The plan is to find someplace or some museum who could make use of it. Its not worth doing if not used on a regular basis so this is key in my mind.

J.R. May
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  by blockline4180
Good to know the engine and cars still exist... For many years I had thought that everything was cut up and scrapped...
  by JLo
Holy cow, those are some old pics Mr. Sullivan. Based upon the configuration of the Manasquan Inlet Jetty, with the dolos being put in place on the Manasquan side, and the pre-Jenkinson's Pavilion pier fire, I would say those pictures are circa 1981. Am I close?
  by Pennsyjohn
I don't have my home computer set up for the mail server .

The very first Idea for this train that popped into my head was Asbury Park .

I can't contact Asbury Partners LLC at the moment , but perhaps someone else here will and put a little bug in their ear . :wink:

I can't Imagine any other place to be more attraction starved at the moment, or a more fitting place for an ocean front landmark to be put .
  by boblegouche
omg! those pictures bring me back. i have a house right down the street from jenks and i used to ride that thing every time i went to the board walk!! my mom was pregnant with my little brother and we went on the train at night and half way through it started absolutely pouring and something happened to the train and that was the last time the train was ever ridden there. isnt that crazy haha
  by tom hannan
It is a fond memory of the place where I grew up . The NORTH station of the train trip ended at what was a parking area----and the old COAST GUARD lookout tower--and sand dunes. Jenkinson had a north pavilion, inlet viewing area and picnic tables for beach goers. Now there are condos that line the inlet--but prior to that--there was a kiddy park--with a G 12 train---and some rides---and MONKEYS--in a huge caged area. If you can recall the "south rail station" for the beach train---there was a sign advertising the rides and SEE THE MONKEYS. ALSO--a rare CROSLEY custom car and trailer conversion that offerd children a ride around the park--IN THE KIDDYLAND FIRE DEPT--HOOK AND LADDER. A similiar Crosley fire truck sold at auction at Barrett Jackson...for about 50 thousand. Personally--I ran the HOLIDAY PLAYLAND train--a smaller G 16 that was an excellent replica of a passenger train--in a scale that was impressive. It was MTC train number 726---delivered in 1954---and damaged in the fire that destroyed a lot of Holiday Playland--in the 1970 era. The G 16 train is now restored and being used---in Miami Beach, Fla--at the VIRGINIA BEACH RESORT--still numbered 726. Thanks to everyone who has posted--and was generous enough to share their photos and memories. I still live in the town and it is still the best place to visit if you have children who would enjoy the boardwalk experience.
  by erie910
Thank you so much for bringing back some fond childhood memories.

Was there a later incarnation of the Jenkinson train that used a shared center rail for running, with a separate outside rail for each direction. I always was concerned that the center rail would wear out so much faster than the outer rails.

Thanks again!
  by GSC
A locomotive and a passenger car have been cosmetically restored and are on display on the boardwalk at Jenks.
  by TSTII
GSC wrote:A locomotive and a passenger car have been cosmetically restored and are on display on the boardwalk at Jenks.
Really ? Would love to see that....presume across the boardwalk from the aquarium ( the old 'station' site ) ?
  by GSC
Yep, by the aquarium. It could be an attractive nuisance. I hope no one decides to vandalize it. Maybe they can store it inside for the off-season months. Either way, it's good to see it back.