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  by QB 52.32
CPF66 wrote: Wed Jun 12, 2024 8:11 am Loads most likely, I don't think there is a LPG processing facility in the Maritimes.
LPG is a byproduct of the crude oil refining taking place in Saint John.
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 07:42 with 8650/3057, 14 mixed freight, 50 wells/105 containers, 8018 (DPU), 53 wells/113 containers, 14 empty autoracks.
  by NHV 669
No 120 yesterday, no 121 this morning.

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 13:18 with 8810/9618/7006/3057, 58 mixed freight (14 loaded autoracks), 26 wells/42 containers, 56 empty wells.
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 09:34 with 7006/9618, 41 mixed freight, 53 wells/97 containers, 8810 (DPU), 58 wells/96 containers, 35 mixed freight (10 empty autoracks).
  by NHV 669
No 120 yesterday, no 121 this morning.

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 14:21 with 9362/KCSM 4573, 56 mixed freight (5 loaded autoracks), 6 wells/6 containers, 7008 (DPU), 109 wells/204 containers.

Only 4 trains each way over the last 7 days.
  by CN9634
Am extra 121 ran this morning by the Webcam at 0327
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 03:33 with 7008?/KCSM 4573, 32 mixed freight, 57 wells/94 containers, 9362? (DPU), 47 wells/97 containers, 35 mixed freight (23 autoracks). It wasn't an extra, simply an early departure due to not having space at BVJ for handoff of the next 121 from NBR.
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  by KuBand12
According to my 'unofficial' tally, the intermodal traffic is up ~10% ytd at Saint John. There are no published numbers yet so my numbers are only what I have been able to accumulate through various sources. That includes the CN traffic I have been able to catch. AFAIK CN only runs a small contingent (25 to 50 containers, mainly CMA CGM reefers) of intermodal once a week east and west. CN only started intermodal service to PSJ in early August 2023 so everything they transport is additional to their numbers last year. My estimation is CN accounts for ~ 5% of the total this year.
  by CN9634
I was told it was an "extra" crew so that's where that came from. Not sure how I botched the timestamp.

Saint John is expecting more steamship services to be announced by end of the year.

Also, an interesting idea came up to move potash via rail in "rotainers" which are bulk containers you can rotatory dump. Not sure if this will pan out but since DP World has taken over the potash terminal Nutrien has asked for them to find ways to double capacity. The easiest way naturally would be to use CPKC and CN for potash trains but that won't happen unless the Federal government makes changes to long haul interswitching rules.
  by NHV 669
120 was into Greenville Jct. at 11:24 with 8810/7006, 34 wells/55 containers, 35 empty wells, 37 mixed freight (one loaded autorack).
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 07:53 with 7006/2240, 29 mixed freight, 34 wells/74 containers, 8810 (DPU), 49 wells/92 containers, 11 empty autoracks.

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 14:44 with 9361/8888/KCSM 4573, 20 mixed freight (one loaded autorack), 39 wells/87 containers, 72 empty wells.
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 07:52 with 8888/9361/KCSM 4573, 67 wells/120 containers, 26 mixed freight.
  by CPF66
CN9634 wrote: Sun Jun 16, 2024 10:16 am Saint John is expecting more steamship services to be announced by end of the year.
I have heard that one before...
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. CN; Steamship? Hath we turned the maritime industry's clocks back some fifty years? :P :P

But to the point, if Saint John is expecting more callings next year, will CPKC be ready? If they continue to anul their "one a day" 121-2 as Mr. NHV reports, they will just be forcing business over to CN and their circuitous routing.

Sailing up the Saint Lawrence to Montreal would appear to defeat Saint John's "selling point" of saving at least a day of inland transportation time.

While it must be noted that Chessie is stuffing her Fancy Feast into making the Maine Central roadworthy to handle high value traffic, she has a long way to go. Until that time comes, the high value traffic will need rely on the two Canadians.
  by CPF66
CPKC has cut back operations since traffic levels are low enough that they can fit multiple days worth of traffic into one train. That stems from the loss of the building material, chemical, and recently the LPG traffic that is now going via CSX.

But FWIW I am going to say CPKC is probably not prepared for any increase in traffic which results in more than two trains per day. There hasn't been any infrastructure improvements at Brownville Jct to prevent it from becoming a bottle neck, like it has anytime Irving has run more than two trains a day. Operationally nothing has changed there either, and its sometimes a bottleneck even with two trains per day. I am hesitant to believe in major traffic increases for the foreseeable future, since EMR has significantly scaled back infrastructure improvements. Ground work for the siding at Knights has been done for several months and they have packed up most of the equipment and such which was there, with only the two switches and maybe 200 feet collectively of track being laid. The panels which were built over the winter are still sitting beside the main line and a few have been robbed to extend/build sidings for customers on MNR or the mill at Woodland. The CWR project on NBSR has gone a whole lot of nowhere so far this year. They fully replaced up to Welsford last year (MP-30 something) and then jumped ahead to replace rail on a few curves and to fix derailment damage in Harvey. The equipment sat at Freddy Jct over the winter but has been hauled up to MNR to do rail up there. As for the grant for CWR on the Mattawamkeag Subdivision, I haven't been able to see where that was approved. I emailed the DOT about it a few weeks ago but haven't heard back. I know the grant for Millinocket-Searsport was rejected, which the grant for the Mattawamkeag Sub might have been shot down as well. As for crews, EMR & NBSR had a few openings this spring however they closed those listings without hiring anyone. As for CPKC I think they have hired a few new crews, but I want to say they have had a few retirements as well as individuals go out on long term disability in the last year. Realistically, seeing how many trainees washout after training on CPKC, or ones that get qualified and leave for greener pastures on the other side of the river, the chronic crew shortage they have had since 2020 will likely make a return.
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