• In search of one trolley car for our town

  • General discussion about locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment
General discussion about locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment

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  by mmazzotta99

We are in search of a trolley! It was recommended that we contact you, as you might have an old trolley to sell or donate to our project or that you might know someone who does.

We have a community-based public art project in Decatur, Nebraska that needs a trolley. We have been looking, but not really finding anything. If you, or anyone you know, knows where we can get an old decommissioned trolley (doesn't need to be operational) that we can refurbish and be a public project for our town, we would be very appreciative. Here is the description of our project - http://bywayofart.com/artwork/3772956_D ... ncept.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

If you have a trolley or any leads, please let us know at [email protected]

Thanks for your time
Matthew Mazzotta
315 521 1399

RURAL LEGENDS - A storytelling space for the Legends of Decatur housed in an old streetcar.

RURAL LEGENDS is a storytelling venue based off of an actual ‘tall tale’ of Decatur, and it will feature Decatur’s legends told by the people of Decatur. People may ask “What is a Trolley Car doing in Decatur?” Well, that is the point of the project, to have people ask questions and get responses from others in the community. The story of the Trolley Car first came to surface for the project organizers during our Outdoor Living Room event last fall, where we set up a living room on Broadway and invited people from Decatur to tell us about their town. Many times over the course of 6 hours we heard about a Trolley Car that had once been in Decatur and they would refer to a photo they had seen. However, it turns out, as we learned at the very end of the Outdoor Living Room, that the photo was a fake to make Decatur seem like a much bigger city than it was to people who had never been here. This episode of hearing a story over and over and realizing it was not based in fact, but was actually a Legend, is what gave birth to the concept for RURAL LEGENDS - A storytelling space for the Legends of Decatur housed in an old streetcar.

• A storytelling space, housed in an old streetcar
• Storytelling nights: 1 legend + 3 Story-tellers, monthly
• Content features actual Decatur-area stories, told by community members and guest speakers

About the event:
• Each storytelling evening event will be centered on a legend
• Newspaper will advertise story nights with teasers, ie. “Come learn about Decatur’s greatest horse thief!” or “Learn about the ‘Pipe Lady’ buried in Decautr’s cemetery”
• Storytellings will be recorded and can be made available online
• Alternative use, Trivia Night: “Decatur, Fact or Fiction?”