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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by benltrain
too much to say on this one!

NJT Trenton-NYP:
Express near the end of rush in a packed arrow III. somebody got on wanting to go to metropark. sorry, we don't stop there :P 85 mph tops.

NYC Subway Transfer:
Got to ride a R142 on the 2! Very nice!
Grand Central and Penn got me some good pics but officials were evil. "don't let the cops c'ya"

MNRR GCT-Brewster:
First ride in an M7, great. Crews were not a problem. On time and a nice ride.

HART CT transfer:
Its a bus, whoopee

MNRR Danbury-South Norwalk:
Fun finding the station near the museum. Interesting ends of this line but not the middle! Pushed by an FL9! Crew very helpful and casual. Empty cars though!

MNRR S. Norwalk-New Haven: No problem with connection, and hit 81 mph. Emptied out by Newh Haven after being pretty full. Nice conductor.

Vermonter Amtrak New Haven -Trenton: the flip track board said we are stopping in metropark (again?!) but we did not! 2-1 business class ride VERY cool. They cooked my pizza so long the cheese was off it when i opened it. unlimited free drinks, newspaper, nice seat i would spend the night it.

top speeds on amtrak:
MNRR line: 75 mph, but slower a lot of the time
Hell Gate Line: 101 mph
NJT Line: 125 mph

VERY friendly conductor who just so happened to be my neighbor by a few miles! Everyone, even passengers, and him opened the amfleet doors with the emergency hatch. Don't know why, but doors were open when we were still going pretty fast. Riding down the NEC NYP-trenton during rush hour when all the trains are back to back and your going 120 steady is a good feeling!

see the pics in the signature :wink: