• Getting Photos Of The Ex-MEC Calais Branch

  • Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.
Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.

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  by calaisbranch
Anyone on here know where a person can acquire photos from the Calais Branch between, say, Washington Junction and Machias?
If I could pinpoint, perhaps Sullivan/Tunk Lake - Cherryfield, and preferably diesel years. Thanks for any help!

J Bray
  by mainecentral
I would suggest doing a google search for Maine Central photos. Or also try the books "Maine Central In Color" Volumes 1, 2, &3.
  by Richard Glueck
As of today, July 13, they've torn up the rails as far as the crossing in Cherryfield. You can't reason with political trolls in Augusta.
There is a book "The Sunrise Route" Written by Michael W Zimmermann . It is a history of the Washington County RR and the Maine Central covering the line from Calais to Ellsworth.
it has a lot of pictures , not of the best quality, along with a lot of records of the line.
  by calaisbranch
I've seen that book advertised used on AMAZON for $75. Is it worth it?
  by oibu
^ IF you are well and truly interested in knowing the early history and development of the line and related predecessors (Whitneyville & machiasport, etc.) in the 1800s and early 1900s, and in photos of the Washington County RR and early MEC era, it might be. If you're just curious about such things, or looking for more recent photos, no. Try ebay or Railpub, maybe you can find one cheaper. It is a great book for what it is and the earlier eras of railroading in Washington Co., but $75 is pretty steep.
  by oibu
Also, Michael Hoyt in machias sells prints of old photos from teh area, some are rr-related.

books: Check out MEC in Color V 1, 2, and 3, Meet the Maine Central and Best of Maine RR's by Ron Johnson/470 club, MEC pHoto Album by Bill Robertson. Not ysaing any of these hage huge sections dedicated to the Calais/eastport/Woodland branches, but taken together they have quite a bit. Online, check out thebluecomet.com and NErail photo archive for some pics.
  by calaisbranch
I've got the MEC in color vol 1-2. Also have Before Guilford and Railroads of the Pine Tree State. Like always has been said, the Calais Branch was one of the lonliest line on the MEC system. Hard to get more "recent" late MEC shots. I'll give Hoyt a shot though. Thanks!
  by oibu
Mr Hoyt's photos are all early stuff, WCRR and/or very early MEC, loading pulpwood at Whitneyville in teh 40s or 50s, etc. Still well worthwhile if you're interested in those things.
The GRS operations from Calais to Woodland Domtar Paper Mill are OOS. When the mill went down last spring GRS moved out all their equipment. When the mill reopened all shipping in and out is by truck. GRS did not get much revenue from the operation as most of the freight handled came out of Canada to Calais by NBSR.