Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by 4400Washboard
From what I understand, these are the former SIRT branches:

North Shore
South Shore
Port Ivory spur
Loretto spur
Howland Hook
West Shore Line

Besides the first 4 listed above, did any of the 3 below get passenger service?

On the link below:
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The Travis branch seems to have had stations on it (Or are those freight depots)
  by andre
The Mount Lorretto branch was used to shuttle passengers to/from Mount Lorretto Orphanage till the early 20s. It was not electrified during the electrification project in the mid 20s as the rest of the tottenville/mainline and northshore and south beach lines were.

West shore(travis) was always freight only mainly delivering coal to the power plant facility before it was converted to Natural Gas as well as serving a few industries along the way (it now serves the fresh kills waste/garbage facility and vanbro has a siding as well)

Port Ivory did see a one car shuttle from arlington station for Proctor and Gamble employees.

Howland Hook did not have passenger service as it was only freight service to the docks (Now NY Container Terminal)
  by XBNSFer
I hate when the SIRT lines are all referred to as "branches," particularly the North Shore Line, since that was the part of the SIRT that connected it to the nation's rail network.

The North Shore Line, the South Shore Line, the South Beach Branch (off the South Shore Line at Clifton) were all electrified commuter lines until March 1953. The Mount Loretto Spur saw some passenger service in steam days. The Travis Branch, the West Shore Branch, and the Port Ivory Spur were for freight, but limited electrified commuter service did run for workers at the Proctor & Gamble plant on the Port Ivory Spur.

Only the South Shore Line is in service today for commuter trains.