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  by george matthews
Bobulus wrote:I agree the conditions by Apartheid were terrible. I have black relatives, and many mixed race relatives too. But the benefits of domestically produced energy cannot be overlooked. I'm actually a big left wing softie, but recognise the corporate psychopathy most of us suffer with and endure in various forms. Conservatives are not psychopaths, by the way. Corporations behave more so, but not always. And what's wrong with steam anyway? Please aim your brickbats at me: The more the merrier!
Personally I want to see the phasing out of carbon adding fuels. Climate Change is our most serious problem. Coal is not the answer, whether used to power steam locomotives or power stations. I was just explaining that the steam found in South Africa was there for a political reason.

I remember travelling in South Africa in 1970 or 71. I stayed the night in a small hotel in Breyten, near the Swazi border. There was a large steam depot there and the whole town was under a cloud of foul smelling smoke. I hadn't smelled that for many years. It reminded me of the disadvantages of steam power.
No doubt modern steam locomotives - the Swiss have designed one, I believe - could avoid the emissions of sulphur and smoke, but nothing could remove the carbon dioxide.

More interesting are the proposals for hydrogen power, as mentioned in an article in the current issue of Modern Railways. The result would be locos quiter than diesel, smell-free and not needing any overhead equipment or third rail.
  by Bobulus
Fine on the latest posting. I think everyone here realises I'm all for it as far as electric traction is concerned! What I want to see here in the UK is a company such as Central Railway build its 25kv ac electrified route from Liverpool to Lille. this would see the woodhead route revived. This was formerly a heavy haul coal route at its northern end. It would revive rail electrification between Manchester and Sheffield, formerly electrified at 1.5kv dc between 1954 and 1981. this was the UKs first all electric railway: Britain's "Milwaukee Road" in my opinion! The Government give their inflated costs as an excuse for denial: I think these have been the product of misinformation from US Style vested interests. Central Railway correctly state they are not bound by such costs (jobs for lawyers by the sound of things as far as the lawyer dominated UK Government is concerned!!). Death to the Oil Empire!

Bob Battersby.