Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Kelly&Kelly
Most railroaders are deaf.
  by Head-end View
A few conductors too. Cutting out the ASC at ground level on the C3 Cab cars. All of us hit the horn instead of the cut out at one time or another. Oops.
  by Head-end View
Does anyone here know the MTA's reasoning for mounting the horns under the operator's cab instead of on the cab roof as is common practice on other commuter railroads' cars?
  by photobug56
Knowing MTA, to make sure that the operator gets the bulk of the noise, vibrates their bottoms, along with warning people! :-)

Having said that, note this FL9AC photo, LIRR, first day of revenue operation (and try to figure out who is in the cab).

Way too many people- that is for sure. As far as the horns under the seats? Who knows. BLE complaints fell on uncaring and deaf ears. Like the HVAC system in the DE/DM Locos. From day one- they were and still are a disaster.
  by photobug56
I remember when those junkers came out, I talked to one of your coworkers and asked him what he thought of the locos, and that came up.
  by 4behind2
Don't forget about the seats that caused herniated discs