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Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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Hi All,
Over the past 3 months I have been watching the very slow progress happening in the demolition of the old station structure in the Belmont race track station.
The walkway up from the track nearest the Cross Island Parkway has been removed and every day it seems like there is more rail equipment doing work there.
Anyone happen to have any pictures?
Seems to me that the money being invested for such low ridership except for the BELMONT STAKES by the LIRR is strange.
Is there any money coming from NY Racing Association or from NYS?
Maybe there is more to come to Belmont racetrack than just the horses although I wouldn't wager any bets just yet.

  by Backshophoss
When there're horses housed at Belmont's Barns,NY&A delivers boxcars full of hay on a "as needed" basis.
IF anything a recent track inspection showed a need for tie replacments,so there's no derailments
during the racing season.
Not sure who owns/controls that bridge,but is likely in need of replacement or repairs
Belmont station was not upgraded to high plaforms,just those "temporary" steps,
wonder if the city or the state,is forcing an upgrade due to ADA rules?
  by lirr42
Mr. Nowakowski mentioned at a Committee Meeting at some point that they were going to put a high-level platform in there for one of the platforms, and that it would presumably be ready for this year's Belmont Stakes.

At last year's even, a portion of the overpass sagged due to weight of waiting passengers, so presumably that would have to be repaired (it was mentioned that that portion of the structure was owned and maintained by NYRA).
Well I passed by Belmont yesterday on my way to work and it looks like the entire platform has been installed AND the staircases on both sides have been installed.
It looks like they only need new handrails to finish up so YES, it does look like the new platform will be ready for this years Belmont Stakes.
The LIRR personnel did a great and fast job of demolition and installation.
  by tdoran1951
Next stop, ADA compliance? Could not see if elevator install from CIP yesterday.
  by Sir Ray
Why, they're just getting the station ready for this. :-)

Wait, this is Nassau County we're talking about, we need more mocking smilies.... :P :P :P :P
  by Backshophoss
The "cosmos" will have an uphill battle with the Yankee backed NY Football club.
A "pipe dream" prehaps??
  by MattAmity90
So it is official that for the first time since the station was built and electrified in 1905, that 110 years later one of the platforms will be high-level, not all low-level?
  by SwingMan
I believe the original station had at least a few high level platforms. As for the current station, this will be the first time there is a full high level platform.
  by LRail
I think the original platforms were all low level platforms without the high spotting staircases. The MP-54 and MP72/75 had traps that allowed passengers to use the staircase in the vestibule. I don't believe there were ever high platforms at Belmont.
  by nyandw
http://www.trainsarefun.com/lirr/racetr ... tracks.htm

Some Belmont Info Image
Two freshly-painted lead cars of MU electric trains are laying up at the low level platforms at Belmont Park in this
c. 1937 view. (Dave Keller data and archive)

In this c. 1905 view looking east we see the original Belmont Park Race Track station with 4 steam-drawn trains and one electric MU train. Opened in 1905, this station was built south of Hempstead Turnpike and served until newer station facilities were constructed north of Hempstead Turnpike in 1957 at which time this whole area was torn out. Note in this image that there is no electrification in the low-level platform, steam train area and a track fence separates it from the electrified tracks at the high level platform at the far right. (Dave Keller data and archive)

Now we fast forward a few years to August 12, 1919. Looking in the same direction as the previous image we see some changes. First, electrification has been added to all tracks. We also see that the platform shelters that extended down the entire length of the platforms have been removed from the left three and only short, truncated platform shelters have been left standing. Notice that these three platforms are still low level while the two at the far right are high level. Those two still retain their full-length platform shelters. Especially note how overgrown the two platforms at the left have become since the previous, 1905 image! (Dave Keller data and archive)
  by MattAmity90
LRail wrote:CBS news had a short segment about the upgrades including some great shots of the extended high level platforms.
http://newyork.cbslocal.com/video/11439 ... ening-day/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Love it, now all 124 stations have "A" high-level platform, but what about the other low-levels, I saw in one shot that the concrete was pulled out?
  by LRail
From the Newsday pic, it looks like the platforms are connected by a walkway towards the rear. Perhaps this means they are ADA accessible.
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