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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by ElTrain
I'm posting a note to say how pleasant my northbound trip on train 188 was on Friday the 6th of April! My train left DC on time (7:10 PM) and arrived in Philly on time as well. Despite the busy holiday weekend, the train was comfortable and on-time. Kudos to Amtrak!

One question: why the slow speeds between BWI and Baltimore? I know the tunnels are slow, but it seemed as if we slowed way down well before the tunnels.


  by David Benton
good to hear you had a pleasant trip .
As to your question , you may get more info on the amtrak forum , which has alot higher traffic , especially form that region .

  by njtmnrrbuff
Too many curves, and the tunnels there are aging. They will be rehabilitated hopefully soon. Yes, the speeds could be increased.

  by gprimr1
There are sharp S-curves as you approach the Baltimore and Potomac Tunnels (south Baltimore). There is also a complex interlocking since the tunnels are only 2 tracks. This has been a sore point for NEC travel comparable to Shell interlocking north of New York (with it's 10mph speed limit)

Unfortunately, to truly fix this, they would have to build new tunnels (as was done with the Union tunnels north of Baltimore Penn Station. There have been plans to do it, but it's very expensive, but some estimate 5-10 minute time savings.