• Does U25B prototype 752 still exist?

  • Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.
Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.

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  by Leo_Ames
I know it existed into the early 1990's at GE's Erie plant. Was it scrapped? Did GE attempt to have it preserved, they must've known how significant it was to their company and the rail industry? Didn't look in too bad of shape in the picture I saw in a book about U-Boats by Greg McDonnell that I bought this past weekend.

The Trains article I found searching through a college database for magazines and such said it was scrapped (Think it was the one about U25B's from their Landmark Locomotives series they ran in the mid 90's), but also referances this book in the same article as being published soon.

Which is right? Was it scrapped between the time the book was finished and the Trains article was published, but before the book was published? Or was the article wrong (I'm hoping it was).

  by ATK
The U25B prototype was indeed cut up about 4 years ago or so. There was a small last minute effort to try and save it, but GE wasn't interested. Regarding the unit's historical significance, some within the ranks of GE knew, others did not, but the fact of the matter remains that the powers that be within the company didn't care. Thus, the locomotive died.

  by scottychaos
that sucks..why would a company destroy such an inportant piece of their own history? especially when its already on their own propery! :(



  by H.F.Malone
Who really cares about locomotive history? Some railfans? Do they buy any locomotives? Remember that GE (and EMD) exist to make money, not to preserve their history. History makes no bucks, and if bucks aren't made, the stockholders and management get upset. No one is going to risk losing their job over a 40-year old hulk of a locomotive that only a few fans care about. A GE VP at Erie commented how they got ,"dozens of requests from rail buff groups each week, asking for everything from complete locomotives to photos and blueprints". He chuckled as he said, "we tell them all no".

OK, now that that has been said, I think some of the coolest looking diesel locomotives ever built were the 751-752 demo units--semi-streamlined in a funky art-deco way. They must have sucked to switch with-- no decent corner steps or handholds. And that weird GE box control stand, hung from the cab ceiling??? What were they thinking??

  by Leo_Ames
Not only railfans, a lot of GE employees that work or have worked at Erie do as well.

Or at least one does that I go to college with that has had two internships there the past two summers and has a full time job waiting for him after next semester (he helped design the cooling systems for GE's new Tier-2 locomotives).

What's your point, I don't think any of us are niave to believe the general public would be saddened that it was lost? However it is a important part of this nation's history, not only for railfans, but for generations of railroaders and GE employees.

Plus do you realize how big GE is? 10,000 dollars in scrap doesn't mean anything, or it wouldn't of sat idle for decades. Anyways though, thanks for all the great information guys.
  by Ol' Loco Guy
Years ago, when the EL controlled the D&H, two of the D&H 2000 hp Alco passenger units were sent to Erie as trade-ins. At the time, there were certain individuals at Erie who were aware of the significance of those units. Not only that, but the GM of C&LE at the time, Bo Vea, was able to forstall any attempts to send them off to Salvage and then to scrap.

Eventually the units were returned to the D&H, as the moribund EL did not purchase any new locomotives. I think an order of U23B's may have been contemplated but financing was unavailable.

Many years later, I think it is safe to say that most of the people who pre-date GE's entry into the domestic road locomotive business are now retired. Much of the current upper management-for whom Erie is just a brief way station on their career path-could care less about the business' history.

On last thing. During the days of the 'old' GE, C&LE would answer EVERY letter that was received from buffs. I recall that this was done out of Marketing and they would send a pamphlet or two, along with a letter. This was long before the days of computers and such. The letter was always signed "R.R. Powers, Bldg. 12-2." Get it ?

  by missthealcos
GM in Canada anyway, has been much better to promote its own history..inviting significant units to events at the plant in the past. I guess EMD did it with the FT's etc. a while back too.

  by Phil Hom
It kind of dumb that GETS has an employee run museum right on the property, yet no one wanted to save the locomotive that started GE on the road to being the number one in sales in the 90's.


  by SRS125
There are a few Old U23Bs still runing about the country here and there that were rebuilt by GE and came out as the Super 7 Kits. I have seen a few of these units here in New York and in northern Quebec.

The understanding of not wanting to give up blue prints is easy to explane the fact that there protceting company secrets, engion design, and outher things that could be used against them. I'm sure that EMD would do the same thing.

  by scottychaos
I know of at least 6 U23B's that are still operating,
all former LV units:

http://www.frontiernet.net/~scottychaos ... tives.html

and none of them have been rebuilt!
This was long before the days of computers and such. The letter was always signed "R.R. Powers, Bldg. 12-2." Get it ?
no, I really dont get it..what does it mean?


  by ryder
Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz!!!! It's still JUST a GE , and even the factory knows they are meant to be throwaways!!

  by Brad Smith
Ol' loco guy,

Well, I'm only 6 months late getting this reply out. :P

The EL never controled the D&H, they had all they could do to run themselves. :-D

The EL and D&H were sister companies in DERECO which was controled, unwillingly, by N&W until the EL bankrupcy in 1972. A lot of equipment was pooled back and forth but EL wouldn't have had any authority to trade in D&H equipment. My understanding is that EL did have some U23B's in the pipeline at GE. I forget now whether the order eventually went to CR or if the order was simply dropped.

I thought the prototypes of the U25B ran on the Erie for a while and looked alot like a cross between an Alco and EMD F unit?

  by Ol' Loco Guy
Heard a sad story from a retired GETS employee this past weekend:

Apparently, upper management has given their blessing to the "preservation" of XP-24 prototype 752.

Unfortunately, this fact was never completely communicated to a certain foreman (who was never named)-who in turn took the initiative to send the
XP-24 over to Salvage-for destruction.

Score one for the bad guys.