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General discussion about locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment

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  by Phil Hom
This book from Weekend Chief (edited by J.C. Smith, Jr) seems to disapear from the Walthers HO Reference Book. I was looking forward to this book as demo locomotives (not the leased ones - the "Take it out for a test run" DEMO) are rare. Anyone ever seen a orange and white SD35? Or a red with a yellow bib SD24? Or a sunny photo showing Flexicoil trucks under the F-9 demo?

  by mxdata
And all of us who contributed material for this project are wondering where it is too, and who has our slides now.....

  by TerryC
What did happen? This sound like a VERY interesting book that is worth the purchase.

keep asking keep learning

  by Alcoman
I am told by Weekend Chief that the book is making progress. Photos recently have been scannned. No date for completion mentioned but remember that this is a one man operation who also does many other projects such as the all color calanders.

BTW, he is working on another project which was recently started.
Weekend Chief is going to do a updated version of the book:"Diesels of the Sunrise Trail" which has been long out of print.

  by Phil Hom
I'm glad you cleared that up! I have been looking forward to buying two of those book for a long time.

Now about that SD-35 demo, which nobody has a picture of........