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  by A&BCRR
Somewhere between 1970 and 1998, various freight and MOW cars were dumped derelict in the former East Altoona Recieving Yard, now down to only one track.I discovered this myself with Google Maps Satellite view, after following the path of NS's scrap track. If you look now, you can see four former UP EMD units being cut apart on a track that branches East of Rose Yard. I investigated the site of the derelict cars personally, and found, after passing two young women on horseback, that the site is a public, easily accessible (aside from a creek and lots of puddles) ATV/Horse track. A path will take you directly to two boxcars, one PRR sleeper-turned-MOW crew-car, and two flats, all on their side, all but the sleeper lacking trucks. Further down a straight, paved road are over a dozen UTLX tankers, a large double door CR box, an unidentifiable gondola, and at the end, an NYC two-bay hopper. My grandpa assisted me atop the MOW car and we took note of it's reporting number, PRR 493043. I researched this on the internet and discovered that car's history, disposition of it and it's sister car, and the year it was "scrapped." As of yet any further research has come up dry, so I'm sharing with you to hopefully crack the "mystery" by exchanging information.

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