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  by peconicstation
We just finished a vacation of little more than 1 week in Rockport, and took a few day trips to Boston using the Rockport line. For those of you who live in the Boston area you are fortunate to have such beautiful areas that are only 1 hour (give or take) from the city, considerinf that in the NYC area you can be 2 hours or more away from the city and still be in gridlocked suburbs.

While on the train I noticed the 2 former B & M RDC-3 cars that are parked, for lack of a better word, east of the tracks near the commuter rail shops. Whats the story with these 2 long forgotten Budd Cars, and why haven't they been towed away for scrap ??


PS If I am not mistaken aren't these Budds parked where the fleet of former B & M Budds were parked after they were withdrawn from service??

  by CRail

  by sery2831
The link above is about the cars... They were hauled away to be scrapped but never were. The MBTA purchased them and dragged them back to Boston. And who knows what will become of them.