Discussion relating to the PRR, up to 1968. Visit the PRR Technical & Historical Society for more information.
  by riffian
I'm interested in the PRR Delmarva division pre 1970. It appears from official guide perusal that passenger crews ran Philadelphia to Delmar and then Delmar to Cape Charles. Is this correct? Freight crews from Wilmington with the same crew change points? What were the home crew bases? Were there time freights during the 50s/60s?

There is still a great deal of local traffic on this line, mostly it seems, due to the poultry industry. Another point of interest is that virtually every station on this line is still standing, most in good condition. I doubt there are many lines with the percentage of stations standing anywhere else in the US, outside of commuter districts.

Any information appreciated.
  by rrbluesman
If you are interested in the station buildings themselves. I am an architect working on the restoration of a station on the former Oxford Branch and I have copies available of PRR times sheets and blueprints I am using for reference.