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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Fireman43
I had posted this question on the DL&W thread but hadn’t received an answer so here goes:

Dansville Hill Grade
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Post Sat Oct 05, 2019 9:51 pm

In regards to the grade of the DL&W at Dansville, I can't find the thread I read when the comments were referencing the need for pushers north bound (west) for freights loaded with coal , but returning empty ( SB or East ) they were not needed -my couple questions are:

I presumed the grade was going DOWN from Wayland to Dansville. ( NB) ???????
My assumption looking at the ROW from 390.

Did the Erie take over this segment from the DL? If so. did the Erie haul coal or had that diminished by the time of take over?

And lastly, I know the coal on other lines went to be loaded on Ontario lake freighters - Charlotte, Sodus Bay and Fairhaven ,but where was the coal on the DL destined?
  by nydepot
Lots of questions. My only contribution is:

DL&W Dansville Hill - 1.3%

From my notes on grades of WNY.
  by Matt Langworthy
DL&W coal traffic went to Buffalo. It was mostly anthracite and made the DL&W alot of money back in the day. EL did keep some freight on the former DL&W west of Corning after 10/17/60, but I don't recall seeing any reports of it being coal traffic. Anthracite traffic dropped rapidly for both industrial and residential use after WW II, which is part of the reason the Erie RR and DL&W ultimately had to merge.
  by s4ny
DL&W used pushers for freight between Groveland and Wayland. Eastbound. No need westbound.

DL&W had interchanges with PRR and B&O and transferred some coal for Rochester and probably (via B&O) to Coburg Ontario.

DL&W had a coaling station in Groveland.

They had a busy interchange with the Nickel Plate in Buffalo. NKP ended in Buffalo and the DL&W was rejected in a merger attempt pre the EL merger.

Erie Rochester DIv only carried a small amount of coal for retail dealers along that line. Wayland to Livonia was abandoned in 1956. Erie may have delivered coal from the other end eastbound from Attica to Avon. Avon to Mt Morris had already been abandoned. Other towns on the Erie Attica branch were served by more active coal carriers. B&O and LV.
  by Fireman43
Thanks for all this info.
Answered ALL my questions .
In regards to the coaling tower at Groveland , I’ve seen pictures of it and other posts mention absolutely no remnants of this massive structure to be seen.
I need to get off the 390 one of these days and take rt 63 between mt Morris and Dansville - is this old yard area @ groveland visible from 63?
  by s4ny
Nothing to see in Groveland anymore.
  by Fireman43
Something that nothing remains of what was such a massive structure.