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  by NKP1155
The CH&D crossed the Miami & Erie canal at Troy, Dayton and maybe points close to Cincinnati, Ohio. Were these fixed or movable bridges?
  by 262
In Dayton on the NYC there was a control point called Draw Bridge Tower at this place the NYC,Erie and B&O Wellston Subdivision were side by side.The predecesor of these RR were I believe the Mad River and Lake Erie and the Ohio and Western and CH&D the O&M was broad gauge and was dual gauged with the CH&D Toledo Main into Cincinnati.This is how the Erie that ended at Findlay St. Yard in Dayton had car hauledge rights later on the B&O to Cincinnati and Indianapolis.There was a drawspan at this place and I belive the canal was in use till around the turn of the century.There was a flood in Dayton in 1913 and a few derilict canal boat were among the debris left after.Dayton is the confluence of the Great Miami,Stillwater and Mad River and Twin Creek.Although the rivers eventually topped the leveys.The first flooding was found to have been water backing up in the old Miami and Erie Canal.The citezens formed The Miami Conservency District and built several dry dams and filled in the canal and it is under Patterson Blvd.named for the man who was most responscible for the for the action.I know the signal CP Draw Bridge was still in use under Conrail.I do not know if it is still there under NS the only track left at this spot on their Cincinnati Line,(Dayton District).