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  by Allen Hazen
This evening (2 July 2017), a few miles south of Strathcona, (Edmonton, Alberta) I saw a southbound (i.e. heading in the direction of Red Deer and Calgary freight (mostly black tank cars, PROCOR and other) with a rainbow assortment of power. Three big GE units: leading unit was BLUE (from a leasing company), second YELLOW (U.P.), and the tail-end d.p. unit was RED (home team).

(Both at the head end were, I think, ES44, and the pusher an AC44.)
  by JayBee
The Blue CEFX GE is a AC4400CW that has been on lease to CP since it was brand new, 13 years now. CP fans call them "Bluebirds". Originally CP had both the first batch of 25 and the second batch of 35 on lease. Hunter Harrison caused the first batch to be returned to CIT Financial when the lease came due for renewal and they are now scattered on lease to companies such as Lake Superior & Ishpeming RR in the upper peninsula of Michigan(six locomotives). CP still retains the second batch CEFX 1026 - 1059 and uses them as its own locomotives. Surprisingly CP has a large number of their own AC4400CWs in storage.
  by Engineer Spike
The first batch's cabs are laid out like UP locomotives. They even have UP cab signals (both UP & C&NW). The second batch are just like CP's. the only differences are the roller blade trucks, and a bracket between the windshields, where a cab signal display would go. I happen to have had 1027 the other day. The engine that makes all Kalmbach staffers foam at the mouth.