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  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by keyboardkat
newkirk wrote:"I never expected to see them pain stainless steel though. Those cars look sharp!"

I don't think they were painted. Take a look at buses and subway cars with vinyl wraps on the entire side of the body depicting ads.

I'm sure those ex-NJT Comet 1's got the same treatment. painting is expensive and there's the issue of paint adhering to stainless steel.

I think they were wrapped. It's probably cheaper.
I think the ex-NJT Comet 1s were brushed aluminum, not stainless steel.
  by DaveBarraza
Its paint.

They use portable stairs for loading, or an adjacent car with trap steps.



  by DutchRailnut
LIengineerBob wrote:I will agree with Dutch.....defiantly looks like paint, not a wrap. The car looks too "perfect" to be a wrap.....especially on the ends. I wonder how long the paint will last on the stainless though?
paint would last pretty good on stainless after all it took a lot of labor to take stripes off of the M1 and M3's of LIRR
  by mirrodie
That is a really smart looking paint scheme. And the second time I've seen Thomas pull ex-LIRR consists.
  by H.F.Malone
The spear couplers were replaced with H-tightlocks before the cars (two pair so far) left Torrington, CT. The ICRR colors look good on those things. Ed Ellis, Iowa Pacific owner, is a Chicagoan and IC fan.
  by DutchRailnut
Are the other 8 cars still stored on Naugy ?
  by Jeff Smith
I put a "shadow" topic under museum railroads; moved the topic over, moved it back.
  by DaveBarraza
The owner of Rio Grande Scenic / San Luis Rio Grande (a.k.a. Iowa Pacific Holdings) is an ICG fan.