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A general discussion about shortlines, industrials, and military railroads

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  by Gary
Good Morning, Forum Members:

I am new to this forum and write as an historian, but an individual nonetheless who grew up [in Canada] very close to a railroad line that serviced a major logging concern. I have joined this forum in the hope that the membership might aid me in documentation/research on a journal article I am constructing for publication later this fall. Part of this article deals with the shipments of small arms and armaments from production facilities in the American Midwest to arsenals on the Eastern Seaboard, in particular during the early Cold War years of the 1950's [i.e. 1950 - 1955]. While my question is potentially hypothetical, I will ask it anyway.

Can the membership of this Forum indicate to me the most likely rail route travelled if the U. S. Army were to transport small arms and armaments from East Alton, Illinois, to the Raritan Arsenal in New Jersey [Edison/Middlesex New Jersey] in the early 1950's? I will unashamedly admit absolutely no knowledge regarding this subject matter and would greatly appreciate any answers that could be offered. In particular, and given the obvious expertise of the members of this Forum, could anyone indicate to me specifically which railroad companys/lines would be utilized, what type of equipment would be utilized, and the specifics of the various rails used to get this material from the heartland to the specified destination. As indicated above, because this is to be a published venture, I would appreciate any leads, documentation, links, photographs, etc. that the membership could provide.

Many thanks, from a new member!!