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  by Statkowski
Browsing through an April 27, 1941 New Haven consist book, I found a through sleeping car (actually a 12-Section, 1 Drawing Room heavyweight) running from Chicago, Illinois to Boston, Massachusetts. Couldn't find a return trip, however. Was there one?

The eastward car operated via the PRR's Broadway Limited (No. 48) and the NH's Pilgrim (No. 182).

I realize that everything changed following December 7, 1941, but any idea how long this through service lasted?
  by Rockingham Racer
Here's a B&M/NYC routing, if you're referring to that. I can trace it to 1947 in a public timetable. Westbound, it operated on B&M # 59 the Minute Man to Troy. The New York Central too it from there to Chicago, on their train #19, but don't know what that was called. Eastbound, NYC # 64 pulled it to Troy, and B&M # 58 took it to Boston.

It doesn't appear in the 10/56 timetable, so it disappeared sometime between '47 and '56.

I don't have any info to help you for a NYNHH routing; sorry.
  by Statkowski
Going back over everything, I found the Boston-Chicago car running on No. 175, The Colonial, a Boston-Washington train.

Oh, was informed the eastward movement was via The General, not The Broadway Limited.