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  by Cactus Jack
Even though it is a bit cold and snoowy today I ventured out to trace the PRR between Lovell & Titusville as it is a section I have known that it ran between those two stations but had no idea what was there or what might be left. Well, I didn't see alot left through all the white stuff but got to wondering if there was any source of later contemporary photos taken in that section. I've seen some of the Lovell bridge, Corry, Sherman, Mayville etc but never anything in this rather remote section.

A few overpasses exist and a neat overpass / bridge somewhere below Spartansburg that look very heavy duty.

Thanks for any help or comments on this segment and yes I did see the posts on the Corry to Spartansburg relocation. Haven't had any opportunity to even scope that out yet on a map.
  by Ron Mele
It appears that few, if any, photographers ventured to the area between Lovell andTitusville when the Chautauqua Branch was still active. I have a couple books that cover this section of railroad and not one of them has a photo. Morning Sun's book on PRR Northern Region facilities covers the branch but I don't have the book and don't know if they included a photo. You might try visiting the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad. They have several photos hanging in the station showing the branch from back in the PRR days. Also, someone there may know an old-timer who might have photos. It's a long shot but worth a try.

Ron Mele
  by Cactus Jack
Thanks, I'll see what I can turn up. It is rather remote. There seem to be quite a few photos from the Corry area, EL and PRR / PC and even from the EL perspective of the overhead at Lovell but never have seen a photo of aPRR / PC train going over the ERIE / EL or anything other than an old (very old) photo of the Spartansburg depot.
  by Fanatic5
Does anyone know the date when the Pennsy realigned the "Chautauqua Branch" from "EYE" tower to Lovell, crossing the Erie mainline over that imposing Parker Truss Bridge?