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  by twolfe
The Alberta RR Museum’s xCN1392 (xCNoR1392, blt 08/1913) will be celebrating her 100th birthday in 2013. Through this winter, we are preparing her for operation and during the over-haul of the reverser, some well worn parts made their presence apparent and replacements need to be manufactured.
Looking to attain some technical information and/or drawings on the Casey-Cavin power reverse gear used on some h-6-g 10 wheelers. Specifically the air chamber of the floating lever circuit.
Have tried looking through web based archival collections (including ours) but to no avail. Lots of information on Franklin and Alco units but these CLC units are quite elusive.
Any direction or help would be appreciated and will assist in rolling her out of the shop in April under her own power.
  by Typewriters
We have looked and have no references here. Do you have the full name of the company who made this gear? I might be able to find patent drawings from that name if it was patented in the U.S.

-Will Davis
  by twolfe
Gear was built by the Canadian Locomotive Company (CLC) Can't locate where their records ended up.
Saturday, December 1
Missing component recovered.
No data or drw’s available to date. To obscure a system I suppose.
All parts and pieces accounted for.
Our evaluation of parts and condition is underway,
Repair, manufacture as required and refurbishment in progress.
Data and information will be recorded.