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  by JKTRR
By Conrail conveyance day, the D&H received 13 ex EL bay window cabooses which were numbered 35805-17 (ex EL C-348-380). Later, 4 were sold to NJ Transit (35809/11/17 and one more.) NJT (re)numbered them 904-07. The 904 (ex 35811) is "stuffed and mounted" at Liberty State Park; the 906 (35817) was recently spotted at Campbell Hall (NY) now wearing the colors of the M&NJ. The remaining two are at the Whippany RR Museum (NJ) and have D&H numbers again - 35809 (NJT 907) and ex-NJT905, (original D&H number unknown) - it has been repainted in the yellow scheme (as was initially carried by the cabooses bought new by the D&H and numbered 35720-27) and numbered 35730, a number never used by the D&H. The original number was invisible when received from NJT.....D&H disposition rosters don't have it shown (a cross-reference check of known remaining (ex EL) D&H bay windows hasn't yielded an answer; any clues on the elusive 4th caboose would be appreciated.