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  by shlustig
Mid-1950's timetables show 2 commuter round-trips to Pittsburgh leaving and arriving at "Center Ave.", a station that shows no mileage point.

Burgettstown Stn. is MP 27.5 but the trains do not have any station time shown there.

Were there actually 2 depots at B'town, or some kind of odd trackage arrangement?
  by ExCon90
This is from Pittsburgh Region Timetable No. 2 of Oct. 28, 1956 (the reorganization from 3 to 9 Regions took place in 1955):
BURGETTS Interlocking is at MP 26.8, and Burgettstown (with not even passing times shown) at MP 27.5.
The Burgetts Branch left the main at BURGETTS, and Center Ave. was at 0.7; Block Limit Station CN (for eastward movements only), controlled by BURGETTS, was at 0.8. The C. T. 1000, a comprehensive list of stations and industries, from 1945, shows the Burgetts Branch extending only as far as Burgettstown (a third station in town?) at 4.0; End of Burgetts Branch Tracks at 4.1, and End of Burgetts Branch Right-of-Way at 4.2. (Now that's what I call wrapping it up.)
In 1956 the 8/10-mile branch was single track Manual Block, the block extending from BURGETTS to CN. I guess it made a handy place for the equipment to lay over on nights and weekends--it was down to one round trip a day by 1956.
  by shlustig

Thanks for the explanation.