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  by stevefol
The 6213 Budd RDC that has been dumped by I93 for decades is finally on the move. Headed north thru West Medford at 11:25 with the work extra caboose leading, the old striped boxcar, a flat wagon, 6213, another boxcar and 1062 pushing. Running at no more than 10mph I would say. Anyone know where it is heading to?
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  by stevefol
  by RandallW
stevefol wrote: Sat Jan 06, 2024 10:47 ameom
Sorry, but what does this mean?
  by GP40MC1118
1062-6213-1930 (ex-B&M Milk Car), MBTX 101 (flatcar), MBTA 14xx (ex-Amtrak MHC boxcar), Caboose C-1. Restricted to 10MPH. 6213/1930 for Iron Horse Park, North Billerica, Ma.
  by MBTA3247
It's an RDC, by the way - Rail Diesel Car.
  by stevefol
MBTA3247 wrote:It's an RDC, by the way - Rail Diesel Car.
Yes, my bad! The consist returned at 2:10 minus the 1930 Box car and the RDC.
  by charlesriverbranch
I noticed that the caboose has "MBA" reporting marks, but the flatcar and the RDC have "MBTX" reporting marks, and the milk car has "MBTA" reporting marks.

So... is MBTA now considered a common carrier? Why so many different marks?
  by diburning
The MBTA's official reporting mark for interchange is MBTX. The various reporting marks you see were applied prior to MBTX becoming officially registered, and the various equipment with the older lettering was never relettered as they do not get interchanged. If you look hard enough, some equipment is lettered XMBT too