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  by GP40MC1118
There still are two RDC's up at Billerica Shop somewhere out back in
the forest: 6114 & 6917. both victims of the 3/15/72 runaway at
North Station/BET.

The 6213/6214 are the two brought to Boston on Easter weekend in

As for the condition of the track in 1966, I don't know since I am a
late Seventies B&M grad....


  by emfinite
I know that this is an old topic, but I visited Metro North's Croton East Yard this evening and got pictures of four Boise Budds laid up there. All four were in great condition (MNCR #s: 1401, 1402, 1405, 1416) and coupled together. I know Otto posted the history behind these cars, but I'd like to know what other Ex-B&M cars that MNCR operated with and when they were acquired by MNCR. Any help would be appreciated.








  by GP40MC1118
Thank for posting the photos.

MNCR bought these four cars from VRE 1997-98 in two groups.

MNCR did lease a bunch of ex-MBTA/B&M "Boise Budds" prior
to that came off a MARC lease from VRE.

I show 10/94-10/96: V302,303,307,310,312,313,315,316,801,802.


  by bigbronco85
sery2831 wrote:I was in Billerica last night, and didnt see the two budds listed to be there... All I found was several box cars, a really old flat car, and a main line snow plow in the trees.
Funny reading this post, because at one time, I thought they were gone, but were actually almost invisible due to the brush around them that time of year. It was a shock realizing "there's a train in there!"

Cool pics of the Budds.

  by Arborwayfan
I saw a train of Budds in service, under their own power, in Dallas in 2003. Were they ex-Boston, or from somewhere else?

  by CRail
Trinity Railway Express, the commuter line between Dallas and Fort Worth does have a couple of RDC's, one of which is an ex-B&M

  by peconicstation
Yes, the Trinity Rail Express commuter service started with a few rebuilt Budds. I remember seeing a story in the old Passenger Train Journal magazine that showed the first one delivered. The director of Trinity said that they basiclly bought shells, as the Budds were completely rebuilt from engines to trucks.

With all the equipment shortages that are anticipated within the MBTA and other agencies as well (The LIRR now admits it does not have enough Diesel Equipment), perhaps these Budd Cars for sale in Canada are a partial solution.

Budds were typically most economical to run in configurations of 2 to 6 cars, at least with the original Budd designed engines.