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  by Septa Fan
Since the Broadway Limited was an all private room train, essentially a hotel on wheels, did Pullman, or later Pennsy afford the guests some time in their rooms after arrival in NY Penn or Chicago Union ? Or did they have to be out when the Train arrived
  by edbear
Arrival time. The 16 hour train put you into Chicago at 9 a. m. and New York 9:30 a. m., so off you went. The equipment was then immediately moved out of the stations for cleaning, servicing and restocking in preparation of the return journey next afternoon.
  by R&DB
Now here is a use for Viewliner II sleepers! Perfect for business passengers that prefer not to fly. Bring back the Broadway Limitedand the 20th (21st?) Century Limited on (or near) their original (PRR/NYC) schedules.