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  by isaksenj
NYCSubway.org has a photo posted that shows a train of BMT Bluebirds in what is labelled as "Weehawken, NJ NYS&W". Looks like it might be NYS&W Edgewater Yard (Though it might also be NYC Weehawken, with Pershing Drive in the background?).

Perhaps this shows the 8001-8005 enroute for delivery? I notice the cars already have "New York City Transit System" on the letterboards - were those Bluebirds delivered after Consolidation?

  by R36 Combine Coach
The "Bluebirds" were built by Clark Equipment of Chicago in 1938, before the 1940 City consolidation. Most likely this was in delivery via the NYC from Chicago, via Cleveland/Buffalo (Water Level Route) and then down the West Shore Line to Weehawken, the cars would be floated over to the BMT's South Brooklyn Railway at Bush Terminal.
  by RedbirdR33
The picture does indeed show the new Bluebirds in Weehawken awaiting delivery to Brooklyn.

The very first Bluebird was No 8000 and she entered service on March 30, 1939 and was the last subway car delivered to the BMT.

The next five Bluebirds , 8001 - 8005 entered service on March 5, 1941 by which time the New York City Board of Transportation had taken over operation of the BMT.

Larry, RedbirdR33
  by ExCon90
Is that the Public Service trolley line descending leftwards in the background? What a photo!
  by railfan365
It seems that the relatively short service lives of those cars was a waste of technology.With keeping car weights down being a priority for car designers, why not make the most of a lightweight, fast accelerating design.