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  by interface76
Passed by the area on a train today, and noticed the Belmont Park spur is getting some work done. The east leg of the wye has been fully rehabbed and the west leg has the track and 3rd rail completely ripped up. Apologies if this was covered in the massive thread(s) relating to the new Elmont station, but what's going on there?
  by nyrmetros
Great question!
  by gamer4616
Belmont yard has been in the process of converting the hand thrown switches to dual control switches (switches that can be remotely controlled as well as thrown by hand). It appears as though yard switch indicators as being installed as well.

This will make things easier for trains entering and exiting Belmont. You would need permission from the block operator at JCC to enter and leave, and they’ll throw the switches remotely for you.

Work has been ongoing on the wye tracks as well. I’m assuming all will be complete shortly. The railroad has advertised trains to Belmont for the Stakes on 6/10.
  by R36 Combine Coach
This is the first Stakes under the new configuration. Elmont Station will be closed all day from 8:30 AM-10 PM.

All service will be at the Belmont branch station and not at Elmont on the main line. For the first time, through service between Grand Central and Belmont will be available, with Belmont trains departing GCT hourly on the :20 between 11:20 and 4:20. Westbound return service will serve both Penn Station and Grand Central.

Eastbound Hempstead Branch service will not serve stations between Bellerose and Hempstead from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM.
  by gamer4616
We now have a block operator on duty at Belmont, and things will go a lot smoother with the switches being remotely controlled.