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Discussion related to Baldwin Locomotive Works, Lima Locomotive Works, Lima-Hamilton Corporation, and Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton.

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  by locomotive112
Did you know that you can put together a list of blueprints that went with any Baldwin Loco built after 1938.
The “Pennsylvania State Archives” has all of the Baldwin blueprints and information that existed at the end of business in the mid 1950’s and this collection goes back to 1938 when the Baldwin cataloging system changed dramatically. Nothing exists in this collection that was built prior to 1938.

A person wanting to have these drawing lists, which are required to compile himself a full list of drawings for any 1938+ Baldwin locomotive, is faced with the prospect of having to purchase the microfilm for $100, then either spend about $300-$500 for a decent microfilm reader or go to a public library that offers the use of a microfilm reader every time he wanted to do some research on his microfilm list.

There is a group planning to buy a copy of these drawing lists on microfilm and have the lists professionally transferred onto DVD. We want to gather as many people as possible that are all interested in having these lists. Everyone is going to pitch in a small amount (depending on how many people participate and the cost split equally between each member). Each project member will receive a finished DVD containing the blueprint lists mailed to your continental USA address for your participation in the project. Those living outside the Continental USA can add a few bucks to cover their particular shipping costs. If we can get 20 people to participate the cost will be about $20 each.

Those interested should PM me here. I’ll keep track of the number or participants and let you all know your cost prior to asking for your portion of the project. There will be no profit on this group project.

Below is a partial list of all the Baldwin “narrow gauge” locomotives that were built after 1938. Every locomotive listed here along with probably 15 times more standard gauge locomotives would be able to be searched and you could then compile a list of drawings for all those locomotives.

Wheel pattern, Gauge, Road name, Driver diameter, Cylinder; bore and stroke, Boiler pressure, Tractive effort

4-4-0 3' F.C.U. de Yucatan-Mexico
2-6-2 M Empresas de Mineracao-Brazil
4-6-0 M E. de F. de Goias-Brasil 43-14x20-195-15,100
4-6-2 M Govt. of India-India
4-6-2 M Jodhpur Rlys-India
2-8-0 3'-6" Guayoquil e Quito Rly-Ecuador (2 classes) 42-19x22-200-32,150
2-8-2 2' Mysore Iron Work-India 33-12x18
2-8-2 2' Scindia Rlys-India 33-12x18
2-8-2 M Govt. of India-India
2-8-2 3'-6" United Fruit Co.-Bananero de Costa Rico 36-16x20-190-22,900
2-8-2 M Estrados Unidos do Brazil-Brazil
2-8-2 3', M, 3'-6" US Govt-War Dept 48-16x24 (Alco design)
2-8-2 M Estrada de Ferro Rio Janeiro-Brazil
2-8-2 3' White Pass & Yukon
2-8-2 3' F.C. de Antioquia-Columbia
2-8-2 3' United Fruit Co.-Cia Agricola de Guatemala 40-18x22-180-27,265 (also Maritrop Trading Co.)
2-8-2 M Cia Mogiana de E. de F.-Brazil
2-8-2 M Sao Paulo-Parana Cia Ferroviarro-Brazil
2-8-2 M Cia Vale de Rio Doce-Brazil
2-8-2 M Leopoldina Rly-Brazil
2-8-2 3'-6" Mozambique Rlys (2 classes)
2-8-2 M Chilean State Rlys-Chile
2-8-2 3'-6" Broken Hill Proprietary Co.-Australia 48-21x24-200-37,500
4-8-0 3' El Ferrocarril de Ambalema Ibaque-Columbia
4-8-2 M Argentine State Rlys
4-8-2 3' Ferrocarril de Pacifico-Columbia
4-8-2 3' Ferrocarril Nacionales-Columbia
4-8-2 M F.C. Del Norte-Columbia 46-19x22-220-30,500
4-8-2 M Rede de Viacao Parana Santa Caterina-Brazil
4-8-4 M Viacaoe Obras Publicas-Brazil
2-10-2 3'-6" Ferro e Transportes da Colonia de Mozambique-Mozambique
2-10-4 M E. de F. Central Do Brasil-Brazil 48 1/4-20x24-243-41,100
2-6-6-2 M Estrados Unido Do Brasil-Brazil
2-6-6-2 M Ministry of Communications of Public Work-Brazil
2-6-6-2 M E.F. Dona Teresa Cristina-Brazil

In addition to these there were also quite a number of electric and diesel locomotives listed in both standard gauge and narrow gauge .


also, “Narrow Gauge rivet counters” take note;

Anyone buying a copy of these lists specifically for the “narrow gauge” Baldwin locomotives needs to be a member of a new forum dedicated to the search for narrow gauge railroad blueprints and information, and we are going to feature super accurate Narrow Gauge projects. This is not a “model” site, it is about accurate prototype information, so small scale modelers will not find anything here and are not allowed to join based on their small scale modeling alone. The forum is at; http://www.narrowgaugeexchange.org

Read all of the following before you apply to register; http://www.narrowgaugeexchange.org/viewforum.php?f=2

Loco112 (NarrowGaugeExchange Forum)
  by locomotive112
December 7th is going to be the closing day this group scan-to-DVD project purchase.

We currently have 9 people, so that puts the current cost at $45 per person, (and $5 of that is your continental USA shipping).

You will never get this list on DVD for less than $300.00 again. If you ever wanted it or think you will ever need it, this is your only opportunity to get it at a reasonable cost.

PM me soon for info on any other when/where/how.

David Loco112
  by locomotive112
We have enough participants now to price the DVD at no more than $25 per person (per copy) now, and it might even go lower if we get more participants in on this.

I'm going to allow those that missed out on the deadline to still be able to get in on this "one time only" project for a few more weeks while I'm completing the project.

So if you still want in on this the total will not exceed $25 (that breaks down to $20 for the DVD and $5 for your shipping, DVD case and DVD shipping box. If you have not yet contacted me, just PM me here and leave your name. When I get the project completed I'll return your PM and tell you where to send your funds.

It should take about four weeks from today to get the whole project completed and reply to everyone.

Don't miss out, this really is the last chance this time.

David - NGX forum
  by Cascade Northern
GOLDEN-ARM wrote:Curious, as to why this would be "the last chance"? Couldn't you offer copies for sale, and recoup the investment monies, for the original investors?
Either there are copyright issues that are bent for this one time, or it is a sales pitch to get you paniced and to buy it now.
  by locomotive112
[Either there are copyright issues that are bent for this one time, or it is a sales pitch to get you paniced and to buy it now.
Wrong on both counts!

Everyone who committed before the price of the whole project was known will get to pay whatever the total price is divided by the number of participants. So, they basically get to pay "cost".

If you want in late (now), you won't get it at the same cost as all the guys that committed to pay their part in advance.

No schemes, just a group effort. Everyone can still buy a copy of it, but you'll have to wait for the public price to be established and that will probably be about $30, where the guys that committed early will get it for $25 now.

Both costs could go lower if I could get more people to commit, so even though it is past the deadline, I'll still work with you.

If you want a copy of this, PM me no matter what date it is.