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  by curmudgeon
Hi all -

Anyone have/know of pix of 6110/6111 with the later, simpler shrouding?

All I've found show full streamlining, but I suspect they were also redone later for easier servicing.



  by feltonhill
There's a photo of 6111 with revised shrouding in PRRT&HS magazine, The Keystone, Vol. 37, No.1 (Spring 2004), page34. It retained the original tapered nose. Meanest looking T1 of the lot! Very likely available as a back issue. Check website at www.prrths.com

  by curmudgeon
Thanks feltonhill -

The issue is still available -
now to save up my allowance! :-D

  by jaygee
Feibelmann's book on steam railroading in Pittsburgh has a photo of the modernized 6111 in, you guessed it,
Pittsburgh. It really is one mean looking machine, in fact so much so, it's hard to understand why she's never
been modeled in that format. The other two TEEs that really KICK for looks are 5547, with pistons, and 5500
with rotary poppets. Love to see any of these three done in two rail scale O gauge.